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October 1, 2011
Six times in the past three decades, education reform proposals aimed at ratcheting up teachers’ classroom performance and students’ academic skills have been rolled out in Iowa. Read more »
September 28, 2011
Two California-based charter school organizations have been awarded $12.6 million in federal grants to start 13 new campuses in Los Angeles, federal education officials announced Wednesday. Read more »
September 28, 2011
Public schools are stepping up efforts to derail previously obscure legislation that could divert millions of dollars from taxpayer-funded schools to private and parochial ones. Read more »
September 27, 2011
The Louisiana Department of Education will lay out a plan for keeping a closer eye on independent charter schools today that includes restructuring the department's charter office, an increase in funding and more clearly defined roles for the different state officials involved in the job. Read more »
September 21, 2011
Growing participation in the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program is being accompanied by modest academic improvement... Read more »
September 20, 2011
New Jersey has a dismal record when it comes to getting extra education money from Washington. Most people remember the state's lost bid... Read more »
September 20, 2011
State needs to boost number of authorizers or lose out on more federal money. Read more »
September 14, 2011
More bad news on the national education front: The College Board announced Wednesday that the mean SAT reading score for the high school class of 2011 fell 3 points from 2010′s mean — to 497, making it the lowest reading score since 1972. Read more »