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May 13, 2016
May 13, 2016 Obama transgender edict causes stir over the proper use of government in an educational venue, reports Caitlin Emma of Politico: But critics say the administration has issued a directive that’s going to use up tons of school resources and take time away from teaching students. “Saying that students are allowed to use […] Read more »
April 25, 2016
If Maryland wants to create more opportunities for excellent education, attract new business and improve teacher salaries, as proposed in Rolan Clark’s April 4 letter, “Teachers’ pay needs to improve,” then it’s time to address Maryland’s F-rated charter school law. Read more »
April 8, 2016
North Carolina's achievement district is a real-time solution to give the state's worst schools a shot at finally giving their students a great education. We must learn from the lessons of the past 50 years and give bold new opportunities like the Achievement District a chance. Our kids can't wait. Read more »
April 6, 2016
Boston Globe April 6, 2016   RE “Racial aspects tinge charter debate” (Page A1, March 28): Massachusetts charter schools are not only among the highest performing in the nation, but they serve a student population that’s 58 percent black and Latino, while statewide that figure is 27 percent. That should make people who are concerned […] Read more »
March 28, 2016
Louisiana Record Sharon Brooks Hodge Mar. 27, 2016 The fight for control of public education money in Louisiana will have another round in court now that the state teachers union and local school board members have challenged a district court ruling. Members of the Iberville Parish School Board and the Louisiana Association of Educators have […] Read more »
March 16, 2016
Hillary Clinton’s position on school choice hurts low-income students March 16, 2016 Rachel Campos-Duffy U.S. News & World Report Last month, presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton unveiled a new agenda she promised would tear down barriers to opportunity for low-income and minority communities. While she was able to garner a few headlines, it doesn’t change the […] Read more »
March 9, 2016
March 9, 2016 Wall Street Journal CER’s Jeanne Allen talks to Mary Kissel on Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal about John King’s nomination for Education Secretary, as the Senate HELP committee voted 16-6 in favor of his nomination today. Today was the second hearing on John King’s nomination. A recap of the first hearing is […] Read more »
March 9, 2016
One of the most intriguing moments in Sunday night’s Democratic debate came when CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Hillary Clinton, “Do you think unions protect bad teachers?” Read more »
February 22, 2016
by Mike Brunker NBC News February 22, 2016 Online charter schools have soared in popularity in recent years, based on a deceptively simple promise: delivering quality instruction — anytime and anywhere — to any student with an Internet connection. But new questions about the quality of that education, and how the schools operate, are threatening […] Read more »
February 19, 2016
by Heather Kays Watchdog February 18, 2016 Does TD Bank get to decide if Wells Fargo can open a branch down the street? Can Starbucks nix a neighborhood  Dunkin’ Donuts? That’s essentially the situation in Florida and other states where local school boards can determine if a public charter school can open in their district or county. […] Read more »