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April 17, 2015
As the head of the NC Public Charter Schools Association, I read charter news alerts daily from all over the country. Read more »
April 9, 2015
Doug Ducey wants to continue to expand the role of charter schools in the Arizona education system. Read more »
April 7, 2015
More than three decades ago, a historic report ushered in education reforms aimed at raising standards, holding schools accountable for students’ performance, and giving parents and teachers more power. Read more »
April 3, 2015
First she noticed the gates around the building, then the boys playing football shirtless at the bus stop. Kenyatta McClairen had a bad feeling about her 11-year-old son's new school. Read more »
April 3, 2015
John Rakolta Jr. recently accompanied a Detroit mother and her two children on their journey to school. Read more »
March 31, 2015
Charter schools are an important part of the school choice movement. Unfortunately, as with any of these entities, some game the system. Read more »
March 29, 2015
As the debate about charter school funding continues at the Rhode Island State House, a narrow focus has been placed on the financial impact of charters on the traditional public schools. Read more »
March 28, 2015
Minnesota was the first state in the nation to introduce charter schools, and a new review shows the state's laws governing them are second-strongest in the nation. Read more »
March 27, 2015
The Center for Education Reform released their education scorecards for 2015 last week, with Texas earning a C grade. Read more »
March 26, 2015
The Center for Education Reform has released a new report card on the health of the nation’s charter school laws, and Maryland received an F for having the third-weakest law nationwide. Read more »