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February 11, 2015
It is Black History Month, and as people reflect on the struggles and accomplishments of African-Americans over many decades, many agree that “more can be done” to ensure economic opportunity for all Americans. Read more »
February 10, 2015
The Center for Education Reform's President, Kara Kerwin, moderates a panel at the day-long academic forum on School Choice initiatives, "Choosing Excellence", hosted by Senator Tim Scott and the American Federation for Children. Read more »
February 9, 2015
Barack Obama is a Washington, D.C., resident – and one with a high income. As he likes to openly admit, he’s one of the privileged 1 percent who he thinks can afford to pay more taxes. Read more »
February 9, 2015
North Carolina's first online charter schools have gotten the final go-ahead to open. Read more »
February 9, 2015
I read Alec MacGillis’s piece on the education reforms of Jeb Bush with a careful eye (“Testing Time,” January 26th). In my twenty-five years of experience in education, I have found that Florida’s success story surpasses that of all other states. Read more »
February 6, 2015
Senior fellow and president emeritus of CER, Jeanne Allen, will appear on STOSSEL, debating the role of unions in charter school efforts. Read more »
February 5, 2015
President Obama proposed a gargantuan $4 trillion 2015 budget on Monday, with beefy 7% spending increases for most of his pet social programs. So why did he cut one successful program for poor kids to the bone? Read more »
February 4, 2015
Jeb Bush's decision to turn over leadership of the prominent K-12 organization he founded to Condoleezza Rice as he mulls a White House bid could signal a new phase for the Foundation for Excellence in Education—and for a broader network of advocacy groups seeking to challenge what they view as the status quo in education. Read more »
February 4, 2015
School choice advocates are irate with President Obama after his proposed 2015 budget, released yesterday, refused to propose any additional funding for a District of Columbia voucher program that is extremely popular with the city’s poorest residents. Read more »
February 4, 2015
Mr. Obama reminded poor parents, black parents and D.C. parents who pray and dream of a better education for their children that they are undeserving. He did that by defunding the city’s voucher program, a program designed and appropriated by Congress to allow low-income parents to receive small stipends to send their children to a private school of their choosing. Read more »