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September 5, 2014
In 1832, during his first public address, Abraham Lincoln laid out what he believed to be the key to social and economic advancement: a quality education. Read more »
September 5, 2014
A pair of small charter schools sharing the same campus in Alameda, Calif., received a big-name visitor last month: the new president of the National Education Association, Lily Eskelsen García. Read more »
September 3, 2014
South Bend school officials are expecting dropping enrollment numbers for the fifth straight year in a row. Read more »
September 2, 2014
A new study named Indiana’s school voucher program the best in the country, Indiana Public Media reports. Read more »
September 1, 2014
CER President Kara Kerwin and Bob Bowdon of Choice Media join The Blaze for a Real News Education Special on the condition of K-12 education in America. Read more »
August 28, 2014
Louisiana's high-profile school voucher program made a C on a national report card Wednesday, ranking seventh among 15 states. Read more »
August 27, 2014
A new report says Indiana has the best school voucher program in the country, though the report probably will not silence the critics of school choice. Read more »
August 27, 2014
Indiana has taken the top spot in a report that focuses on school voucher programs. Read more »
August 27, 2014
Louisiana’s controversial school voucher law got a C rating from a pro-school choice group called the Center for Education Reform, according to a report issued on Wednesday. Read more »
August 27, 2014
Indiana leads the country in terms of the best school voucher programs while Maine earned the worst marks in a new ranking by a research and advocacy group. Read more »