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August 7, 2014
This week, North Carolina school leaders, parents, community members and policymakers are gathering in Wilmington to discuss what must happen to encourage the growth of successful charter schools, and how best to interweave them into the fabric of North Carolina's public education system. Read more »
July 31, 2014
A battle between charter schools and the nation’s capital continues to escalate. Read more »
July 28, 2014
CER President, Kara Kerwin, discusses a recent study from The University of Arkansas on the effectiveness of charter schools with Rod Arquette. The first of its kind, “The Productivity of Public Charter Schools,” conducted on a national scale, analyzes the cost effectiveness and return on investment in the public education system. Read more »
July 28, 2014
The 2014 North Carolina Charter Schools Conference will be held in Wilmington, July 30 through Aug. 1, at the Hilton Wilmington Riverside hotel, 301 N. Water St., according to a news release. Read more »
July 28, 2014
In a standoff over a struggling statewide cyberschool, Tennessee Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman says he weighed pulling the plug on the school altogether. Read more »
July 28, 2014
New Jersey’s adoption of teacher evaluations that relied on student test scores was hailed by Governor Christie as a way to make educators accountable for how much students learned. Read more »
July 25, 2014
In an impressive display of “we don't care how this looks,” the Florida Education Association has sued the Sunshine State to prevent students from receiving more state-managed, privately-funded scholarships, including a new scholarship program for disabled students. Read more »
July 24, 2014
An increasing number of parents who shop around before choosing a school for their children are opting for charter schools because they like the academic environment. Read more »
July 22, 2014
A new report from the University of Arkansas says that charters schools are more efficient with money than ordinary public schools, producing notably better test scores for each dollar spent. Read more »
July 16, 2014
Earlier this year, the Center for Education Reform, a leading advocate for choice programs, released a survey: America’s Attitudes Towards Education Reform. Read more »