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January 6, 2014
Natasha Lindstrom, Bucks County Courier Times HARRISBURG — The state Senate is set to vote as early as this month on the latest proposal to overhaul Pennsylvania’s 16-year-old charter school law. Tension between the state’s charter system and traditional public schools has intensified as charter schools have proliferated and overall education funding has dropped, with an […] Read more »
January 2, 2014
Politico Morning edition featured a roundup of possibilities from education experts in the year 2014.  Below are some predictions for the coming year: WHAT WILL 2014 BRING FOR K-12?: We’re not in the prediction business, but a roundup of possibilities from education experts: (Watch for more in Friday’s edition of Morning Education.) COMMON CORE WILL STAY […] Read more »
December 27, 2013
Orlando Montoya, GPB News Two Georgia Army bases are part of a nationwide study that could expand military charter schools. The Defense Department is re-thinking education for military children. About 23,000 students attend schools run by the military at bases in the 50 states. The study will take into account test results, graduation rates and […] Read more »
December 24, 2013
Katie Ash, Education Week Jose A. Herrera, the father of two school-age children in New York City, said he used to be completely disengaged from politics—he didn’t even vote. But that all changed after he successfully teamed up with other parents to push to move his elder son’s charter school from a community center into […] Read more »
December 16, 2013
Diana Furchtgott-Roth, The Detroit News Raising minimum wage hurts youth Calls to increase the minimum wage are rising. Financial Times columnist Edward Luce wrote that raising the minimum wage “would inject a much-needed stimulus into the anemic recovery without involving a dollar of taxpayer money.” The New York Times has published columns by Princeton professor […] Read more »
December 13, 2013
By Mary C. Tillotson, Watchdog.org It shouldn’t come as a surprise that 86 percent of Americans support greater accountability in public schools. Specifically, they support the ability to fire poorly performing teachers, according to a survey by the Center for Education Reform. “That’s huge. There’s no other issue that 86 percent of the public can agree […] Read more »
December 12, 2013
Katie Ash, Education Week The North Carolina Association of Educators and the North Carolina Justice Center have sponsored a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a voucher program passed by the legislature earlier this year. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday against the state, asserts that the public was not given enough time or opportunity to provide feedback about the program […] Read more »
December 11, 2013
Alison DeNisco, District Administration New York City’s expansive charter school network may be in trouble. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who takes office this month, says he plans to charge charters rent for using space in school buildings and to stop new charters from opening. De Blasio says he will focus instead on improving traditional public […] Read more »
December 4, 2013
The latest international test scores, released Tuesday, show U.S. students sliding further behind their global counterparts in math, reading, and science. Read more »
December 2, 2013
One of the greatest challenges for proponents of school choice is simply educating parents that they have a choice. “If we’re going to really have parents engaged in knowing what all their options are, someone’s got to go and tell them,” said Jonathan Butcher, education director at Goldwater Institute. Read more »