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April 23, 2019
(Newswire, April 23, 2019)  THE NEA PLAYBOOK.  It’s right out of the playbook and it’s official.  This behavior - and that from DC, to NC to CA - is part of NEA’s very own book of plays designed to “help” the union and its members attack the charter school movement.  This is nothing new of course. For […] Read more »
March 24, 2019
Dear Friends,The news was blaring this weekend.  All the talk seemed to suggest that the nation was focused almost entirely on the release of the Mueller Report. It’s been that way for months. And now it’s out. We’re told the nation is riveted, waiting to learn what’s inside.And that does indeed seem to be the […] Read more »
December 13, 2018
The Center for Education Reform | 2018 Year-End Report Dear Friends: I know you’re right in the thick of the holiday season, but I need just a final minute or two before year’s end to thank you for your fantastic contributions to the work of education opportunity this year! Without it, our children, students, and […] Read more »
June 19, 2018
Indeed, Hechinger claims to have used NCES data to calculate racial balance in charter schools across the country that justify erroneous claims that increasingly charter schools do not reflect the racial balance of surrounding schools. However, as we pointed out, no researcher can make such statements based on NCES data. One needs at least 4 data points (see link for explanation: https://www.edreform.com/nbc-charters/) and further review, analysis and study, to make any legitimate comparisons. Read more »
June 12, 2018
They don’t call it “Real Clear Policy” for nothin’. Friend, colleague, fellow edreform pioneer (and honorary co-chair of CER’s Silver Anniversary Summit) Gov. Jeb Bush, and Steve Klinsky, Founder and CEO of Modern States Education Alliance, offer a compelling plan that would lower the cost of tuition (by up to 25 percent) and create an immediate “on ramp” to college for students. Read more »
June 5, 2018
The clock’s winding down, and decisions are being handed down, as the end of this session of the Supreme Court draws to a close. Read more »
June 5, 2018
(Newswire, June 5, 2018)  Check out these two stories on charter schools.  First the CBS Morning News on Basis Independent Silicon Valley, which has captured the top five spots on U.S. News and World Report’s list of the best high schools and where students are required to take at least seven AP courses, beginning as […] Read more »
June 5, 2018
Later this month the Baltimore School Board will consider applications for six new charter schools. Read more »
June 5, 2018
Scholarship students who attended a private school were over 35 percent more likely to report that their schools were very safe. And parents of the students were about 36 percent more likely to report that their children were in very safe schools. Read more »
June 5, 2018
The Las Vegas Review-Journal ran a piece about how Nevada’s Clark County School District had created a new marketing position to sell the district’s schools to parents and slow the exodus of student to charter schools. Read more »