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December 31, 2019
“While it cannot cure everything, education is the best antidote for ignorance.”Dear Friends,I hope you’ve had time to enjoy the company of family and friends this holiday season. My heart goes out to those who are suffering in numerous ways from the tragedies that seem to beset us at every turn. I remain convinced that while it […] Read more »
December 19, 2019
Forbes | December 14, 2019By Jeanne AllenAs the teachers' union-sponsored “Public Education Forum 2020," winds down in Pittsburgh this weekend, let’s state the obvious truth: our nation’s education system is shockingly failing most students and teachers.On national, international, and local data points, most schools are failing to provide the personalization and mobile economy necessary to teach and […] Read more »
December 18, 2019
(with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)‘Twas the night before the debate, when all thru’ the house,  Randi was stirring the Democratic candidates’ house. The strike signs were hung ‘ron the country with care,  In hopes that Ms. Warren soon would be there.   The union agitators were all snug in their red, While visions of […] Read more »
November 25, 2019
Click to Download and Share  Founded in 1993, the Center for Education Reform aims to expand educational opportunities that lead to improved economic outcomes for all Americans — particularly our youth — ensuring that conditions are ripe for innovation, freedom and flexibility throughout U.S. education.    Read more »
October 9, 2019
By Jeanne AllenAcross the country, states are implementing laws to address what has become reported as an international epidemic -- shortages of teachers not just in the US but in almost every country.  Not only are fewer people with state-required credentials not available to teach, but surveys suggest almost half are considering leaving the profession.To […] Read more »
September 6, 2019
  From the CER bookshelf, in honor of #NationalReadABookDay, here are Ten Essential Reads that illuminate the history, progress & character of the authentic #edreform movement. Present and past, the stories told, cases made and the theories behind them are at the heart of how this nation can succeed. No Struggle No Progress: A Warrior’s Life From Black Power to […] Read more »
August 24, 2016
A Letter to John Oliver from Appletree Charter Schools Founder Jack McCarthy: I’m a fan of the show and I thought your report on charter schools was devastating. It would also be reasonable for your team to report on the ineptitude, corruption and self-dealing that takes place in public schools that operate under the district […] Read more »
July 2, 2015
Reflecting on the ensuing American Revolution, British political thinker Edmund Burke had this to say: “We also reason and feel as you do on the invasion of your charters. Because the charters comprehend the essential forms by which you enjoy your liberties, we regard them as most sacred, and by no means to be taken […] Read more »