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December 13, 2019
Educating the CandidatesEducation opportunity is the gateway to the future, yet it’s failing all but a third of American students.  Despite it being in the top 5 of issues the public wants to hear, only minutes have been spent in the Debates on this critical issue, aside from the union-sponsored education forum for the Democratic […] Read more »
December 13, 2019
Charter Schools in Pittsburgh & Leaders throughout Pennsylvania Unite Issue strong message to special interest sponsors of “Public Education Forum 2020” and the Democratic candidates ignoring parental demands WASHINGTON  12.13.19 — Charter school leaders in Pittsburgh, joined by others throughout Pennsylvania, and by key state democratic officials issued strong statements today challenging the Democratic candidates for president […] Read more »
December 10, 2019
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Charter Schools & Why The Candidates (And Others) Are WrongDecember 2019With three well respected reports demonstrating dismal and shocking performance by American education in just the past few weeks, the public should expect that candidates for president (and others) might focus on what truly can be done to […] Read more »
June 26, 2019
Monday night, the West Virginia Legislature passed a bill allowing for the very limited operation of charter schools. It won’t be enough in a state struggling to pass most of its students. Read more »
October 3, 2017
A series of opinions by African-American leaders engaged in the battle for educational opportunity in their communities. Given the movement for systemic change and an end to racism once and for all we are resurfacing these voices who came together to stand up for equal access to opportunity to students of color.  As we argue […] Read more »