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November 5, 2014
After the 2014 election, 52% of governors (including Washington D.C. mayor) are considered education reformers. Leaders are considered reform-minded or not based on where they stand on charter schools, school choice, and performance pay. These ratings do not just consider what governors have said about the issues, but also what they have done to champion […] Read more »
September 24, 2014
THE FIELD GUIDE TO EDUCATION REFORM: HOW TO SPOT A REAL EDUCATION REFORMER These days, everyone is “for” education reform. But when everyone claims to favor “reform,” how can you tell the real reformers (“the doers” who are focused on real results for students) from the rest (“the talkers” who are more concerned about maintaining […] Read more »
December 4, 2012
“Getting along with unions to get reform done is an idea that’s been weaved into many conversations during this conference. Do you agree collaboration is key?” Mitch Daniels: “No.” That was Mitch Daniels’ answer to CER President Jeanne Allen’s question at this year’s Excellence in Action summit in Washington, D.C. Mitch Daniels is known for […] Read more »
November 19, 2012
As the Wall Street Journal Review & Outlook notes, “Education reformers had good news at the ballot box this month as voters in Washington and Georgia approved measures to create new charter schools. But as the reform movement gathers momentum, teachers unions are giving no quarter in their massive resistance against states trying to shake […] Read more »
November 14, 2012
The unions did what they needed to do. They helped re-elect the President and they brought to a halt any momentum there may have been for more serious and wide-ranging threats to their power base. They defeated hostile ballot measures in California, Florida, Idaho, Michigan and South Dakota, and were even able to put a […] Read more »
November 13, 2012
So where was the issue of education reform during the presidential campaign? Republicans didn’t even visit the cities that owe their education salvation to this leadership. While strong reformers who are Republicans continue to run and win elections in states, Republicans at the national level seem not to understand that in supporting educational choice they […] Read more »
November 8, 2012
Earlier we pointed out four races worth watching because wins would usher in extremely pro-education reformers to the U.S. Senate. Two of the four races ended up as “wins” for education reform with victories for Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). Ted has a national reputation for defending school choice and parent rights for […] Read more »
November 8, 2012
There were a total of five state superintendent races this year across the country and none of the elected leaders are supportive of education reforms, such as charter schools, school choice, or performance pay for teachers. Read more »
November 8, 2012
Two new reform-minded governors have joined the other 23 in the United States that support true education reform, such as charter schools, school choice, and performance pay for teachers, according to analysis by CER. North Carolina was the only state to elect a reform-minded governor after the last governor was decidedly against changing the status […] Read more »
November 8, 2012
Before election day, we reminded people that while education is up for a vote in every state through the candidates they select, Georgia, Idaho, and Washington had initiatives on the ballot that could have major impacts education in each state. Georgia’s students scored big on Tuesday with a 58% to 42% victory for Amendment One. […] Read more »