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May 18, 2019
Dear Charter School Friends,What a crazy thing - the Friday of National Charter Schools Week, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says that as president he will put an end to charter schools.As my mother would have said, “the nerve!”Sanders’ comments - yelling about transparency (which of course exists) or regulation (which charters have plenty of!) and […] Read more »
April 23, 2019
(Newswire, April 23, 2019)  THE NEA PLAYBOOK.  It’s right out of the playbook and it’s official.  This behavior - and that from DC, to NC to CA - is part of NEA’s very own book of plays designed to “help” the union and its members attack the charter school movement.  This is nothing new of course. For […] Read more »
May 7, 2014
The overall proficiency scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in math and reading among 12 graders remained unchanged in 2013 from 2009, hovering at 26 and 38 percent, respectively. The above results were drawn from a national sample of students, with an additional 14 pilot states that produced results on a state-level […] Read more »
October 9, 2013
Poll Introduction and Methodology Click here for PDF of America’s Attitudes Towards Education Reform: Executive Summary Power and Options The American People Want Power and They Want Options. A plurality of Americans say that parents should have more power over their child’s education, including access to information and data about their child’s school. • Support […] Read more »
February 3, 2012
The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) published a document to helps parents understand and navigate online learning options available for their children. Read more »
January 26, 2012
Highlights from 2009 NAEP Math Results for 4th and 8th grade students Read more »
January 26, 2012
Breakdown of combined Reading, Writing, and Math scores by GPA, Ethnicity, and High School Rank. Read more »
January 26, 2012
Download or print your PDF copy of 2011 State-By-State National Assessment of Educational Progress Math Results Read more »
January 26, 2012
A state-by-state summary of the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reading results Read more »