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January 4, 2016
I don’t want to be forced to pay for a political agenda I don’t support. Now the Supreme Court will rule. By Harlan Elrich Wall Street JournalOpinion January 3, 2016 I am one of 10 California teachers suing to end compulsory union dues in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, which will be heard by the […] Read more »
December 28, 2015
A case study in how unions undermine teacher accountability. Wall Street Journal December 27, 2015 The latest federal education reform sends more power back to states and local districts, but that poses risks to the extent they are captured by teachers unions. Witness New York, where Governor Andrew Cuomo is retreating on teacher accountability. In […] Read more »
December 15, 2015
What does Nero have to do with education reform? Well to start with, it’s likely that fewer than 30 percent of students, let alone adults in the nation, would know precisely from where that infamous phrase comes. In fact, ongoing NAEP tests in history and civics reveal inch-deep knowledge of world events and even literary […] Read more »
December 14, 2015
by Rasheedah Dollar The 74 Million December 13, 2015 Monday, parents from across New Jersey will be converging on the state capitol in Trenton. Our mission: To support our state legislators, regarding the future of our education system. … Now that I am a parent, it is so hard to watch my own children addresses […] Read more »
December 9, 2015
Letter to the Editor Plain Dealer December 8, 2015 Online charter schools (“Online schools are losing support, creating divisions in the national charter school movement,” Plain Dealer, Nov. 30) have proven effective in educating students. Yet much attention is given to one, very narrow report saying otherwise. The basis for the data that started the […] Read more »
December 1, 2015
Wall Street Journal Review & Outlook November 29, 2015 Conservative reformers have had major successes, notably on welfare in 1996. But when a reform doesn’t turn out as hoped, they need to adapt. A case in point is No Child Left Behind, which the GOP Congress is now preparing to leave behind. This week the […] Read more »
November 17, 2015
by Robert Reiss Forbes November 17, 2015 Pretty much everyone in America agrees on the importance of our education system. And yet, consider these numbers: America spends $810 billion annually on our school systems and still we are in 17th place in reading and 32nd place in math globally. Shouldn’t that be unacceptable to us? In an […] Read more »
November 11, 2015
One of the most prevalent education reforms will soon turn 25. Started in 1991 to disrupt what was considered the traditional school districts’ exclusive franchise over education, charter schools broke philosophical ground by uniting people on both sides of the political aisle. The goal of charter schools was to make public education more responsive to the individual needs of its students, more nimble in facing ever-evolving issues, and more innovative in discovering solutions to complex problems. Read more »
September 8, 2015
A court rejects a voter-passed charter law in Washington state. Wall Street Journal Review & Outlook September 7, 2015 Eight new charter schools in Washington state opened this fall, but on Friday the state Supreme Court delivered a grim surprise by overturning the state’s charter law. Welcome back to the public school monopoly, kids. The […] Read more »
August 25, 2015
by Karl Dean The Tennessean August 24, 2015 “When is enough enough?” That question was posed during the Metro school board’s meeting Tuesday night before the board voted to deny KIPP Nashville’s charter applications – applications that were recommended for approval by the district’s charter review committee. It’s a question worth considering. When will we […] Read more »