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March 24, 2016
A letter to the editor published in Education Week addresses a national study about online charter schools that has raised concerns from many about its methodology. Mary Gifford and Jeff Kwitowski from K12 Inc. write: “Measuring online schools through accountability systems designed for traditional schools creates an apples-to-oranges exercise. These systems are often misaligned and […] Read more »
March 15, 2016
Charter schools could open anywhere in the state under legislation that passed the House Education Committee on Wednesday. Read more »
February 17, 2016
Education has not been the election-year issue for Republicans that some expected last summer, when the presidential race was getting started and conservatives’ denunciation of the Common Core standards was all the rage. “Common Core might be the most important issue in the 2016 Republican presidential race,” declared the Washington Post in July. Fortunately, that hasn’t occurred. Read more »
February 10, 2016
by Jeanne Allen, CER Founder & President Emeritus February 10, 2016 As the American people are digesting the results of the 2016 New Hampshire primary, and the news media are acting like the contest for president is over, a reminder of how Democracy in America works in is order. Over 150 years ago, de Tocqueville […] Read more »
February 8, 2016
While many parents in Nebraska enjoy some ability to choose among existing schools, high performing public options are often at capacity. As a state, we should band together and support the highest quality educational options possible for every student. Read more »
February 2, 2016
House Speaker Robert DeLeo doubled down on the benefits of charter schools last week, and frankly that’s a beautiful thing for the thousands of parents and students who are tired of being on waiting lists for the school of their choice. Read more »
January 12, 2016
The State of the Union is a President’s wish list, a manifesto, and an opportunity to lay the gauntlet down for upcoming policy and budget negotiations. The President must outline how he plans to achieve unfinished business, and establish what his legacy will mean to our nation. When President Obama takes the podium on Tuesday, […] Read more »
January 11, 2016
by Jeanne Allen National Review January 11, 2016 In the past 40 years, labor unions have taken their place among the biggest power brokers on all social-policy issues concerning the education of our youth. While the unions’ involvement was once intricately linked to teacher professionalism and school success, today they are focused almost entirely on […] Read more »
January 11, 2016
Each year we’ve hoped the President’s State of the Union Address gives attention to issues and ideas that can create substantive change for schools and students across the country. While there have been some bright moments, each year what needs to be addressed continues to garner less concern than due- real, proven and effective approaches to […] Read more »
January 4, 2016
I don’t want to be forced to pay for a political agenda I don’t support. Now the Supreme Court will rule. By Harlan Elrich Wall Street JournalOpinion January 3, 2016 I am one of 10 California teachers suing to end compulsory union dues in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, which will be heard by the […] Read more »