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February 28, 2014
For being the U.S.’s most-watched live event ever, Super Bowl XLVIII was pretty uninspiring. What was inspiring, however, was the uplifting ad Microsoft ad featuring former NFL safety and ALS patient Steve Gleason, along with other people with disabilities, using innovative new technologies to make life easier. Read more »
February 28, 2014
You’d never know from the Programme for International Assessment (PISA) that the U.S. was in an era of education reform. On a 1,000-point scale, the U.S. has 481 points in math, behind most other industrialized nations, and reading remains stagnant. Read more »
February 5, 2014
Sadly, people in the U.S. and abroad have become accustomed to the fact that President Obama stretches the truth with some regularity, whether the topic is his health-care law, the terror attacks in Benghazi or "red lines" in Syria. In his interview with Fox News's Bill O'Reilly on Sunday, the president offered up another whopper. Read more »
January 9, 2014
Jeanne Allen & Kara Kerwin, Pleasanton Express January 8th, 2014 Thanks to assessments of educational progress, we know where our children stand compared to other communities, states, and even nations. Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to take stock of how we are doing, and set resolutions for the New Year. According […] Read more »
January 7, 2014
Jeanne Allen National Journal January 7, 2014 Choice is post-partisan! House Majority Leader Cantor’s efforts to highlight positive data on school choice and be a federal voice for school choice is commendable. While school choice proponents nationwide are in the majority, there is no nationwide membership organization for school choice that has the clout of, […] Read more »
December 20, 2013
Gregory A. Miller, Arizona Daily Star RE: “Calvin Baker – The whole truth on charter school funding” Superintendent Baker knows that anyone can make his or her case or agenda using statistics, or in this case, very complicated financial systems that support our children’s education. If he truly believes what he advocated at the end […] Read more »
December 3, 2013
by Jeanne Allen National Journal December 3, 2013 Adjunct professors do indeed make higher education solvent, and are an important pipeline for schools and students. On one hand, “it” is a model for K-12, where rather than having only full-time teachers a more fluid, flexible human capital pipeline should include people whose lives might need […] Read more »
October 17, 2013
A Dearth of Statehouse Mavericks Posted: 10/16/2013 6:37 pm Lack of gutsy governors stagnating real education reform Millions of children are now fully ensconced in another year at America’s schools. Unfortunately for most families, the schools, classrooms, teachers, and school leaders are functioning in much the same manner as they did last year — and […] Read more »
October 1, 2013
Dear Whitney: It's late. I'm home bound on a train from Philly from an extraordinary set of discussions about saving Catholic schools as one of the important options that should remain available to our kids, the least advantaged among them, especially. But I just had to write you. Read more »
September 30, 2013
Whitney Tilson is a self-described reform warrior who from his hedge fund perch disseminates information and opinions – as well as a variety of travel logs about his own escapades around the world – with a wide and growing group of people that just like being “in the know.” It’s often entertaining, sometimes informative, and in general, everyone gets a kick out of reading about themselves or something Whitney likes that they did. Read more »