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November 19, 2012
Even when reform passes, teachers unions engage in massive resistance. Read more »
November 13, 2012
I am writing you this morning to caution the Los Angeles Unified School Board on a measure that would set the city back over a decade in progress. The Resolution before you today, “Updating Charter Authorizing and Oversight,” proposed by Mr. Zimmer, lacks sound policy and would severely hurt a large population of students in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Read more »
November 13, 2012
The question of the week seems to be, how can the GOP appeal to a wider variety of Americans? Here’s an idea: They can boast more about their leadership on education reform. Read more »
November 5, 2012
If you're wondering what Tuesday's results might mean for education reform, here are some races to look out for: Read more »
November 1, 2012
Jeanne Allen reflects on what Education Secretary Arne Duncan has and hasn't done for U.S. education reform. Read more »
November 1, 2012
This short, simple statement from Gov. Mitt Romney in an October 24 speech in Nevada sums up the real distinction between education reformers and protectors of the status quo, and reveals why when it comes to education policy, Romney would be a superior president - because he promised to put children, parents and teachers first, and to “put the teachers' unions behind." Read more »
October 24, 2012
But poverty cannot be used as an excuse for bad teaching or our failure to better educate children who live in poverty. To me, this line of thinking is ridiculous. All kids can learn. But all kids cannot learn in the same way. It is incumbent upon us to meet these kids where they are and utilize the approach that best serves them, including offering more quality options for them. Read more »
October 24, 2012
Some were confused that the presidential candidates in last night’s debate, ostensibly about foreign policy, pivoted so often to the education and the economy. I was surprised, too, but I didn’t share the view that these subjects were “off topic.” Read more »
October 19, 2012
Soon the presidential candidates will meet for the last time to debate and with the topic focused on foreign policy, one may be tempted to think education has no place in the discussion. But one would be wrong. There are at least two critical education questions that should be addressed. Read more »
October 16, 2012
Questions we hope will be addressed in the second debate between President Obama and Governor Romney about money following the child, differences between their education platforms, class size, funding, Race to the Top, and teachers and their unions. Read more »