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October 11, 2012
CER President Jeanne Allen poses questions and issues for VP candidates as she ponders whether or not Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan will call the same amount of attention to education as their Presidential running mates did. Read more »
October 4, 2012
Thousands have already explored the Parent Power Index© and with your help in spreading the word we can create the next grassroots revolution in American education. So tell your friends and neighbors to visit the Parent Power Index© and become part of the national imperative to secure real, substantive improvement in all schools! Read more »
October 4, 2012
Jeanne Allen reflects on the first presidential debate between Romney and Obama, giving credit to the candidates for calling more attention to education reform than previous debates in years past. Read more »
October 2, 2012
What these SAT scores, combined with the equally dismal ACT scores, confirm is that the majority of kids in this country are not ready for college, that more of our students are not being adequately served by their schools, and that a dangerous achievement gap still persists among ethnic groups. Read more »
September 28, 2012
CER President Jeanne Allen shares three critical updates on Won't Back Down, Parent Power Index, and Education Nation. Read more »
September 19, 2012
Are we in Russia?? I thought the strike was bad enough. Thousands of children out of school who are already 2-3 years behind on average, if not 5 or 6! Parents with no power, staff at failing schools who continue to get paid in spite of it all. But the contract outline prepared by the Chicago Teachers Union really takes the cake... Read more »
September 12, 2012
Politicians love to say the word "education," but when it comes to actually doing something about it, outside forces must do the pushing. Read more »
September 10, 2012
Parents are waking up to the disturbing reality that they have no influence over where and how their children are educated. Read more »