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December 8, 2011
Hoosier state's ability to set expansive voucher program, performance pay system, collective bargaining limits, and performance pay system in place in 2011 make it a beacon for reform. Read more »
November 22, 2011
This weekend The Philadelphia Inquirer's Editorial Board posted an article on their blog, "Say What", criticizing Governor Corbett and his education reform plans. The Inquirer's Editorial Board suggests that Corbett should "stop acting like 'competition' from charters and vouchers will be enough to fix bad schools." We of course responded, but The Inquirer has yet to post it. So we've continued the debate here on Edspresso. Check it out... Read more »
November 21, 2011
Jeanne Allen, president of The Center for Education Reform, released the following statement applauding Gov. Tom Corbett and students for yesterday’s school choice rally and their vigorous fight to move education reform forward in Pennsylvania. “Yesterday’s rally underscores the groundswell of support for giving parents the ability to choose a school based on their child’s needs, not their zip code. Education is the core of one’s success and the House needs to empower families with the freedom to build a strong, long-lasting foundation. The shouts of ‘CHOICE! NOW!’ from hundreds of students send a clear message – Pennsylvania’s must make meaningful educational improvements for its children immediately. Read the statement here. Read more »
November 16, 2011
The federal government's denial of critical charter school funds is a black mark on Maryland's effort to create great education for all. Maryland's weak charter laws and low achievement scores certainly challenge the "We're number one" mantra. Read more »
November 15, 2011
The NCLB reauthorization falls short on teacher accountability and parent choice. Once again, America's children will pay the price as politics takes center stage in education reform. Read more »
November 8, 2011
Beyond reminding us that flatlining is not a good thing; there is also an important takeaway from the data. Like both SAT and ACT results which are also stagnant, NAEP scores among those who many believe have great schools at their disposal remain well below standard. Read more »
October 17, 2011
Race to the Top remains overrated in terms of impact. While there was a flurry of multi-state activity caused, it didn't result in any real snow. Jeanne Allen explains how strong governors are vital in ed reform, not Washington’s carrot and stick. Read more »
October 4, 2011
One of several path-breaking movies to hit the mainstream theatres last year, Waiting for Superman educated thousands about the plight of U.S. schools. It conveyed the urgency of the problem, clarified the crisis, and sought to engage a nation ... Read more »
October 1, 2011
In case you needed further proof of the American education system's failings, especially in poor and minority communities, consider the latest crime to spread across the country: educational theft ... Read more »
September 17, 2011
The U.S. House of Representatives has approved legislation aimed at expanding and promoting charter schools throughout the country. CER provides background details about charter schools in New Hampshire and Maine including the size of the state’s waitlist. Read more »