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July 3, 2013
On Monday, July 1st I was given the opportunity to help out CER at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools Conference. Although I did not get to attend the exhibits, I was able to interact with a variety of people and get a feel for what exactly happens at the conference. While there I […] Read more »
July 3, 2013
As leaders of the charter school movement gather in Washington, D.C. this week for their annual meeting, they do so in a decidedly mixed frame of mind. Read more »
June 27, 2013
Legislation is making its way through the NC General Assembly that would, despite good intentions, set North Carolina’s already battered charter school movement back significantly. Read more »
June 25, 2013
It's time for Maine legislators to produce a system that will foster the most amount of opportunity for students. Read more »
June 18, 2013
The fact that local districts can block innovation is one reason why Maryland's charter law has been ranked as one of the worst in the nation. Read more »
June 18, 2013
The message is painfully clear to the opponents of expanding educational options: Educational choice is not a partisan issue because the education of a child is not a partisan issue. Read more »
June 13, 2013
How does your school prepare you for college? What steps does your school take to give you the experience of college? As a junior attending Cesar Chavez Public Charter School for Public Policy, the school has started to get me thinking about college and career options. The Chavez Schools mission is to prepare scholars to […] Read more »
June 7, 2013
Today CER staff had the opportunity to tour Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School, the first adult education charter school in the nation, thanks to a monthly charter school tour event sponsored by CityBridge Foundation, FOCUS and Charter Board Partners called “First Fridays”. (We had the opportunity to visit Yu Ying public charter school in […] Read more »
June 6, 2013
Hello, I’m Briana McManus. I am in the eleventh grade at the Cesar Chavez Public Charter School – Parkside Campus and interning at CER for three weeks as a part of my fellowship to obtain job experience and to prepare me for life after high school. While reviewing different articles, statistics, and facts at my […] Read more »
June 6, 2013
CER President Jeanne Allen’s full response to a thoughtful piece by Michael McShane titled Dispatches from a nervous Common Core observer (part 3 of 10): Can’t anything be called ‘Common Core Aligned?’ is found below. Please see AEI’s blog for original commentary. I’m still back on the diet analogy Mike. To me, reading your analysis […] Read more »