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April 11, 2017
Education is hot today in Washington. 17 CEOs are at the White House, scheduled to talk about issues ranging from education & infrastructure (note: we think they go together). The Atlantic’s 3rd annual ideas summit is up and running and we’re happy to see the presence of Derrell Bradford to balance that of Randi Weingarten. Education […] Read more »
April 4, 2017
Innovation set to capitalize on de-regulation, ESSA developments from the heart of the nation, School Choice for our servicemen and women... all this and more this week in CER Newswire. Read more »
March 28, 2017
CER Newswire: weekly education news and commentary you can't find anywhere else. Read more »
March 15, 2017
A weekly report on education news and commentary you won’t find anywhere else — spiced with a dash of irreverence — from the nation’s leading voice in school reform.     CHARTERS GO TO WASHINGTON. Wouldn’t you know that on the day CER was taking a diverse bi-partisan group of charter leaders to meet with Secretary […] Read more »
February 21, 2017
OK-LA-HO-MA. Choice in the Sooner State may soon have more meaning if a bill that passed the Senate Education Committee becomes law. The measure, SB 560, would allow public money to follow students to private schools. That’s the good news. The bad news: the bill was amended to limit it to counties with 150,000 residents or […] Read more »
February 7, 2017
DeVos debacle on Senate floor comes to a close, ESSA regulations to rollback, teacher freedom sees another day in court, and threats to digital learning access — all this and more in this week's Newswire. Read more »
January 31, 2017
The past few weeks of national obsession with what should have been a simple appointment has distracted too many from the business of educating kids. While the Senate HELP committee today voted to send Betsy DeVos’ nomination for U.S. Secretary of Education to the Senate floor, there are plenty of other educational challenges it’s time […] Read more »
January 24, 2017
SCHOOL CHOICE WEEK. From January 22-28, the nation — 6.4 million Americans and 21,392 events to be exact — is shining a spotlight on the need for great education options of all kinds for all learners. Here’s what it means in raw numbers. Here’s what it could mean if the Trump Administration follows EdReform’s 100 […] Read more »
January 17, 2017
UNION OVERTIME (without pay). The unions are working overtime to discredit both the cause of parent power and the Education Secretary designee most likely to help state lawmakers bring it about. As they took to the airwaves and newspapers, so did we! The Center’s Founder & CEO Jeanne Allen sounded off on Fox & Friends this […] Read more »
January 11, 2017
BAYOU CHARTER TROUBLE. Yesterday the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal ruled – ridiculously in error of course – that the funding component for charter schools approved by the state (Type 2, they call them) is unconstitutional. The lawsuit was of course brought to you by the teachers union, and is yet another indication of the extremes to […] Read more »