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July 11, 2017
PERSONALIZED LEARNING GAINS…  a big endorsement from a newly released RAND report which finds that students who engage in PL do better in math than their peers and gives an added boost to kids who are behind their classmates and trying to catch up.  The report also found that schools in the study “were pursuing […] Read more »
June 13, 2017
We have met the enemy... in this week's edition of CER's Newswire. Read more »
June 6, 2017
DeVos' gets strong advice at ed funding hearing. Choice makes inroads, climbs in NH, NE, AL, IN; SC looks at teacher certification. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW in this week's edition on CER's Newswire. Read more »
May 30, 2017
System change - what it is, where it has happened and where it needs to happen, this and more in Newswire... Read more »
May 23, 2017
Money, money, money... National reactions to the new budget and state-level enterprises expand... this week in Newswire. Read more »
May 16, 2017
CER Newswire: weekly education news and commentary you can't find anywhere else. Read more »
May 9, 2017
One day we’re at the White House. The next, we’re in Salt Lake City. Read more »
May 2, 2017
Take a moment this week to look back, look ahead, ...and read the newest edition of Newswire. Read more »
April 25, 2017
Political challenges, hope for a kid, and a sad loss... more in this week’s CER Newswire. Read more »
April 18, 2017
EVERYTHING’S UP TO DATE IN KANSAS CITY? Well, not exactly, but it’s a work in progress. We offer a hearty welcome to the Ed Reform arena to the new SchoolSmart KC, an education organization dedicated to closing the achievement gap in the Kansas City public school system in the next ten years. One big lesson […] Read more »