January 27, 2015
Vol. 17, No. 4 NATIONAL SCHOOL CHOICE WEEK. If our Twitter and Facebook pages didn’t give it away, CER is pretty psyched about National School Choice Week, the annual event that celebrates all forms of learning that have given students the opportunities they need to truly excel. The number of events happening at schools, in communities and outside statehouses […] Read more »
January 20, 2015
Vol. 17, No. 3 IN PURSUIT OF EQUITY. The Center for Education Reform, together with allied organizations, filed an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit that intends to bring equitable funding for District of Columbia charter schools. The lawsuit, filed in July 2014, takes a bold stand against the persistent funding inequity that undercuts charter educators’ […] Read more »
January 13, 2015
Vol. 17, No. 2 CARROTS, STICKS & CONGRESS. While expressing optimism and touting areas of agreement, Education Secretary Arne Duncan acknowledged there are competing visions for how best to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Rather than compete between those nostalgic for local control and those who want a clearly defined federal role, why […] Read more »
January 6, 2015
Vol. 17, No. 1 CLEARED FOR CONVERSION. The York City School District in Pennsylvania is one step closer to a charter conversion plan, aiming to boost financial solvency, and more importantly, student achievement. A judge granted control of York City schools to a state-appointed recovery officer who is in favor of converting district schools to charters, seeing […] Read more »
December 19, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 50 Walking In a School Choice Wonderland Children learn, are you listening? In their schools, nothing’s missing A beautiful sight, their futures look bright Walking in a school choice wonderland Gone away, is the worry Towards more choice, parents hurry To get their child a seat, they vote with their feet Walking […] Read more »
December 16, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 49 Happy Holidays! We’re cramming in all the news in this extra special Parent Power edition of Newswire, as next week’s Newswire will be reserved for a holiday surprise! Stay tuned. PARENTS DISSED. While discussing choice and charters following the release of a study on Ohio charter school performance, CREDO’s Margaret Raymond […] Read more »
December 9, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 48 UNAPOLOGETICALLY OUTCOMES FOCUSED. For the past 18 years, CER has evaluated charter laws based on practices that don’t just sound good on paper, but have been proven to expand educational options in states such as Michigan, the District of Columbia, and Indiana. Unfortunately, and to the detriment of students, others have a […] Read more »
December 2, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 47 #GIVINGTUESDAY is finally here. Although you probably know that from the flood of emails in your inbox today. We can’t help but take part in #GivingTuesday because we think giving parents fundamental power over their child’s education is the most important work on earth. With your help, The Center for Education Reform will […] Read more »
November 25, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 46 THANKSGIVING. As families across the country prepare to have turkey, watch football and count their blessings, we at CER have a short list of what we’re thankful for this holiday season. While we must work to accelerate the pace of reform, we’re thankful for more choices in more states, as more […] Read more »
November 18, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 45 HAPPY BIRTHDAY VOUCHERS! In 1990, Wisconsin reformers made school choice history in creating the first-ever modern day voucher program in Milwaukee. Fast forward 25 years and 280,000 scholarships later, the program designed for low-income students has not only expanded beyond the Milwaukee city limits but has served as a blueprint for other […] Read more »