November 12, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 44 REMEMBERING POLLY WILLIAMS. Sadly, the education reform movement has lost another leader this year in Polly Williams, former state representative of Wisconsin who tirelessly fought to bring school choice to Milwaukee parents, laying the necessary groundwork for families nationwide. So awe-inspiring were Williams’ legislative efforts that President Clinton sent a letter urging Williams […] Read more »
November 4, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 43 KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. Today, Americans face the important task of electing candidates who will best serve their interests and appreciate the urgency with which leaders must act to improve student outcomes. State leaders are vital to improving education, and some – but not all – have recognized this responsibility by expanding […] Read more »
October 28, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 42 VOTE FOR EDUCATION. No, we aren’t getting a president this year, but midterm elections are a big deal, as they have the ability to put leaders in place who truly care about delivering the promise of an excellent education for all students. Unfortunately, as AEI’s Rick Hess points out in the […] Read more »
October 21, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 41 TAKING ON THE FREE PRESS. Readers with no background who read the Detroit Free Press State of Charter Schools series would think charters are unaccountable for results while consuming $1 billion in public funds, even though the state of Michigan spends $13 billion on K-12 public education, and not a single […] Read more »
October 14, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 40 BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL. Every morning, New Orleans native and local pastor Oscar Brown greets students at Homer A. Plessy Community Charter School. Boasting an art-centered curriculum that brings out students’ creativity, Plessy is a neighborhood school in the truest sense. Prior to opening, parents and community members all pitched […] Read more »
October 7, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 39 THE ‘BARGAIN’. On Sunday October 5, 2014, Washington Post reporter Valerie Strauss launched a series of attacks on charter schools relying heavily on biased and inaccurate data. Claiming that the “Charter school ‘bargain’ was a raw deal” and stating “concerns are rising as the number of charters overall is increasing.” The allegations […] Read more »
September 30, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 38 EARLY DISMISSAL. Score one for Florida families after a judge threw out a lawsuit against the expansion of the highly rated tax credit scholarship program and the creation of personal learning scholarship accounts (PLSAs) for special needs students. Unfortunately, the tax credit expansion isn’t out of the woods yet, since the union can […] Read more »
September 23, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 37 TIME FOR A CHANGE. Tomorrow, a cluster of union mouthpieces and status quo proponents are descending on York, PA to protest a much-needed effort to reverse a failing school district. After a year of refusing to make necessary internal changes to improve, York officials are rightfully moving forward with a charter school conversion […] Read more »
September 16, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 36 EQUITY TAKES NEW YORK. Five family plaintiffs, along with the Northeast Charter Schools Network, have taken necessary steps to fight for an equitable funding structure that does not shortchange public charter school students. Reminiscent of when families in the District of Columbia put their foot down in July by filing suit, these plaintiffs […] Read more »
September 9, 2014
Vol. 16, No. 35 UNDER THE HOOD? Readers of the Sunday paper in Baton Rouge, LA, were greeted by an editorial criticizing CER’s analysis of Louisiana’s ‘C’ graded voucher program in the 2014 Voucher Laws Across the States: Ranking & Scorecard. In this case, the editorial took issue with Louisiana losing points due to infringement on […] Read more »