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December 18, 2018
ALL WE WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS… FORGET ABOUT TWO FRONT TEETH.  We’d gladly swap those for two more Governors like  educational choice superstars Kristi Noem of South Dakota and Jared Polis of Colorado. Republican Noem and Democrat Polis may not agree on much, but they are solid in their support of more innovation and opportunity […] Read more »
December 11, 2018
MAYBE WE NEED ANOTHER 1989.  The tributes to President George H.W. Bush continue, and many of us have reminded and been reminded that perhaps his biggest contribution to education was getting all the governors together so they could all be winners in the fight against bad education.  It wasn’t all selfless of course – Dems were trying […] Read more »
December 4, 2018
THE MAKING OF AN EDUCATION PRESIDENT.  The nation lost a true patriot this weekend, with the passing of President George H.W. Bush. As often noted, he was a true gentleman with a good heart.  Less known was that he was a stalwart champion for creative alternatives in education. His Administration fell square in the middle of the […] Read more »
November 27, 2018
We interrupt your regularly scheduled Newswire to bring you a special announcement! Last week we shared with you just a fraction of the reasons we are #Thankful. We stopped as we do often (though not often enough) to salute those parents who fight for better education, educators who create their own schools or programs, entrepreneurs who […] Read more »
November 20, 2018
  Besides the turkey, stuffing, gravy and pecan pie, CER gives thanks for many things even more important – well at least more important every other day of the year except this Thursday! WE GIVE THANKS – like virtually everybody else in America, that the election is finally over. We are especially thankful that candidates who favored […] Read more »
November 13, 2018
ELECTION RETURNS RATIOCINATION. We wouldn’t blame you if you have had your fill of election related items, but good and important things happened on election night for innovation and opportunity in education. Governor’s races are where the action was, and while  not all the news was good, supporters in both parties of CER’s agenda of  change and […] Read more »
November 7, 2018
(Washington, DC. November 7, 2018) The results of the 2018 election cycle will be deeply reviewed and analyzed for days, months and years to come, but the initial results among the states demonstrate that education opportunity is a winning issue.  Candidates that embrace policies that empower parents, provide more flexibility for schools and teachers, and foster innovation […] Read more »
October 30, 2018
WELCOME TO A SPECIAL, PICTORIAL, EDITION OF NEWSWIRE, COVERING THE CER SILVER ANNIVERSARY GALA & SUMMIT.  Held in Miami, Florida last Thursday and Friday, the leaders of innovation across all sectors gathered to build the new Road to Innovation. Read and view just a snippet of the extraordinary conversation and celebrations that occurred. We’ll be […] Read more »
October 23, 2018
FAILING AMERICA’S STUDENTS.  As Mark Anthony once said, “if you have tears, prepare to shed them now.” The latest American College Testing (ACT) scores are out, assessing readiness of high school seniors to succeed in college, and it’s not good. Only 60% of high schoolers met collegiate success benchmarks in English, 46% in reading, 40% in math […] Read more »
October 16, 2018
IRRESPONSIBLE.  The amount of time some people spend trying to defend the indefensible – lagging education achievement – is truly irresponsible. The Washington Post once again features a piece, thanks to anti-education opportunity and innovation blogger Valerie Strauss, that claims education isn’t really all that bad, (despite using a chart that shows most students don’t even make […] Read more »