July 23, 2019
The team is warming up for DC Charter School Night at Nationals Park! The bench is ready for the close to 1,000 DC charter school leaders, educators & families who are coming out to rally for the home team, e.g., DC CHARTER SCHOOLS and to bat Open the Doors for Opportunity. CER Newswire will be […] Read more »
July 16, 2019
50 years ago this week, man walked on the moon. The space race propelled us to embrace and lead the world in science. Today our nation’s schools are lagging and are lacking in the scientific, technological advances that once allowed us to do the impossible.  What is stopping us?ACCESS AND OPPORTUNITY. Neil Armstrong’s “giant leap […] Read more »
July 9, 2019
 MEET THE EMPIRE. Darth Vader never had such good friends as those in the Education Establishment aka The Blob, The Cartel or the Empire. These veritable defenders of public education tradition - regardless of quality - includes not just the small but vocal senior officials of the national teacher unions (though not the rank & […] Read more »
July 2, 2019
VIVA LAS VEGAS – AND CHARTER SCHOOLS.  We’re in Las Vegas to participate in the annual National Charter Schools Conference. We haven’t seen Elvis – or the longtime heart throb of a particular CER associate – Ann Margret, but we are seeing several thousand charter advocates, teachers, parents, business executives and “just plain folks” who share […] Read more »
June 25, 2019
 THE PRICE IS RIGHT! You can just hear show host Bob Barker with his famous “COME ON DOWN…” as former Congressman Robert Francis O’Rourke – aka “Beto” - joins the American Federation of Teachers and its President Randi Weingarten as the next contestant on their “show.” It’s being billed as a town hall tonight on the […] Read more »
June 18, 2019
 BLACK LEADERS CHANNEL TWISTED SISTER.   A powerful piece calling out black leaders for their lack of support of charter schools comes this week from Gwen Samuels, founder and President of the Connecticut Parents Union.  As she puts it, “they have a moral obligation to break their silence and stand up for black parents, families and students caught […] Read more »
June 11, 2019
 D.C. SCHOOLS CHANNEL TITANIC OFFICERS.  A memorable scene in the movie “Titanic” was the ship’s officers refusing to unlock gates that kept steerage passengers trapped below decks, condemned to drown. The officers could care less, those passengers were after all just poor folks.  The D.C government is treating 12,000 poor kids waiting to get into […] Read more »
June 4, 2019
  SHOW ME SHOWS US. When the Kansas City business community first started tackling how best to improve the city’s schools, they tried everything. From the biggest installation of Teach for America to lots of money, nothing worked.  Finally former Kaufmann Foundation president Carl Schramm thought to himself, let’s model a good school. So they invested […] Read more »
May 29, 2019
  A DAY LATE BUT STILL TIMELY.  If it’s Tuesday it must be CER Newswire day, except when Monday is a holiday. We hope you had a great Memorial Day and were able to pause to recognize those in uniform who have fought so valiantly to protect and defend freedom.  Freedom comes at a price, though. […] Read more »
May 21, 2019
  FIGHTING BACK.  Doing his part in the continuing war on educational opportunities for disadvantaged kids, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has submitted a budget that will end the state’s “Opportunity Scholarship Program”. The program currently provides up to $4,200 per school year to low income students  - currently over 9,500 participate - to attend any […] Read more »