Countering the COVID-19 impact on education.

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WATCH – PART I: Ed Tech Innovators

Some of the world’s leading Ed Tech developers and educators talked about the innovations available now as policymakers, educators and families nationwide race to catch up with a tidal wave of ideas, programs and services for digital learning.

Opening and Introductions by Jeanne Allen, Michael Musante and Michael Moe

Online Learning, Cradle to Career with Jeff Kwitowski and Anne Brown

Different Ways to Deliver Content with Janine Caffrey and Jamey Heit

Brain Science, Stress & Anxiety with Ulrik Christensen

Reskilling the Workforce for a New Age with Ash Kaluarachi, Sam Caucci and Lucilla Crosta.
Followed by Closing Remarks by Michael Moe and Jeanne Allen

WATCH – PART II – Lessons from the Best

Lessons and tools for remote learning from leaders from a massively successful charter network, a city wide network of all schools, an innovative public school district and the leader of a company make it possible for schools and educators to provide access to education for students everywhere.

WATCH – PART III – What The Future of School Looks Like

WATCH – PART IV – The Future of School 

WATCH – PART V – The Future of School 

WATCH – PART VI – The Future of School 

WATCH – PART VII – The Future of School