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Meet the Candidates of Election 2048!

As the 2016 presidential debates kick off, Success Academy’s middle school debate champions will demonstrate how the pros do it!

This live debate will feature eighth grade scholars from Success Academy Harlem East’s champion debate team, who will apply their remarkable skills in arguing both sides of an exciting education policy issue.


Opening remarks will be given by Success Academy Founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz.
When: Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Where: Cannon Caucus Room, Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC

Please join Success Academy Charter Schools for this joyful display of student accomplishment, and be prepared to meet the candidates of Election 2048!
RSVP by email to DCEvents@SuccessAcademies.org.



Innovation and Technology is Alive and Well at These 10 Super Schools

Education Reform has evolved. And with it, so has CER’s mission to transform the landscape for education excellence and opportunity. In an increasingly digital world, the need to connect the dots between leading innovators and technology with the demand for greater educational opportunity is more critical than ever. The need to improve opportunities for students is part of the reason we’re playing a role in a new EdTech accelerator and incubator. And it’s why in June CER convened hundreds of leaders in education, business, politics, and media to make a bold call for a New Opportunity Agenda in education, focused on Innovation and Opportunity, and with it a commitment to advancing both throughout all education.

XQ: The Super Schools Project” is answering that call. It seeks to answer the question: “What do our high schools need to prepare our students for the future?”

Last night, a school near and dear to CER (whose founder Seth Andrew is a long time ally and edreform superstar and whose board incudes CER’s CEO Jeanne Allen – Washington Leadership Academy (WLA) – was announced as one of ten XQ Super School winners. No small feat, as there were nearly 700 schools in the running!

As CBS This Morning reported, “At the Washington school, found the kind of creative and collaborative approach to learning she says students need to prosper in today’s world.”

Laurene Powell Jobs (yes, that “Jobs” – wife of the late tech genius Steve Jobs) is the funder behind the XQ Super Schools project, awarding $10M

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Yass to Oliver: Your Show Hurt Poor Children!!!

A Letter to John Oliver from Boys’ Latin Charter School Co-Founder Janine Yass:

I have been an avid fan of yours for quite some time now and have come close to laughing so hard during your program that I start to cry. But last night I watched your rant about charter schools and found myself crying, not because of your humor, but for the thousands of families who will have to pay for your ignorance and insensitivity toward the education of their children.

I have been involved in education reform for over 15 years in the poor city of Philadelphia where over 40,000 children are on charter school waiting lists to escape the horrendous public school system. In Philly, if you do not have the means to either pay for private school, test into a magnet school, or be accepted at a charter school, the chance of graduating high school in four years on grade level is less than 40 percent. Unfortunately, the vast majority of kids cannot afford private schools or test into magnet schools.


As a founder of Boys’ Latin Charter School, I have seen the desperation of parents and their tearful gratitude for giving their boys the kind of education that I believe is a civil right. We are proud of our results and are proud supporters of many high quality charters. Yes, bad ones should close, but what about the bad public schools that continue to operate half full with no teaching going on?!

No one is forcing parents to go to charters! Charter operators are responding to the demand of dissatisfied parents who have been underserved by the public system for decades. They are not the evil corporate devils you made them out to be. I live for

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