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Morning Shots

Weighing In on the Graduation Rate Debate (Dan Losen)

(Note: Dan Losen was quoted in this Washington Post story on graduation rates.  We linked the story in today’s news, where Dan left the following comment.  We are posting it here with his permission. -ed.)  



Improving Education Is A Great Idea, But Prop. 82 Is Not (Peter H. Hanley)

Proposition 82 on the June ballot in California, like all things that are too good to be true, sounds great  until you really take a look at exactly what it will do and exactly who will benefit. The fact is Prop. 82 will do very little to help our struggling K-12 system or the kids most at risk.



If I Can Get Along with Union People, You Can Too (Mike Antonucci)

I started the Education Intelligence Agency nine years ago, with the idea that those who needed to know about the teachers’ unions would welcome a single, comprehensive source for such information. One-stop shopping, as it were.



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