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Morning Shots

Teach to Whose Test? (Karen Braun)

If you’re a homeschooler who thinks No Child Left Behind and standardized testing doesn’t affect you, think again.



National Education Standards….They’re Back! (Kevin Kosar)

Over the past six months, the need for national education standards has been talked up. The idea, in short, is that the U.S. should have brief written statements of the skills and knowledge children should attain at each grade level for each subject area. The federal government would either encourage or require states to base their schools’ curricula on these standards. Education colleges, in turn, would train would-be teachers in the standards.




A Think Tank’s Credibility Tanks (Nancy Salvato)

I was amused, as I’m sure are many others, to read about a group of education researchers involved in what is being called “The Think Tank Review Project”. Driving my laughter was the discovery that the funding for this endeavor comes from the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice. The Board of Directors for this organization reads like a “who’s who” of NEA and Midwest Education Association executives.




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