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NCLB Choice = No Choice (Neal McCluskey)

When Secretary Spellings announced a few weeks ago that NCLB hasn’t provided nearly enough school choice, no one should have been surprised.




D.C. Vouchers: Year Two (Katie Newmark)

The second year report on the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (pdf) focuses on participation. It’s just an appetizer—the main course, a study of the effect of the vouchers on achievement, is coming next year—but this report still has some interesting stuff to chew on.



School board votes send a message, but are folks listening? (Derrell Bradford)

April 18th in New Jersey saw citizens from across the state vote down almost 50% of proposed school budgets. This low level of approval, when viewed as a product of the typically low voter turnout of budget and school board elections, has sent a resounding message to the New Jersey school establishment. Indeed, when one considers the state’s “spend spend” take on school reform, and its widely known equity history for urban school systems under the Abbott v. Burke cases, the defeats are a heads up for many other places in the nation looking to finance their way out of poor school performance on the backs of suburban property owners.




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