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Math or Technology: Take Your Pick (Sarah Natividad)

Recently Utah schools have been given an F for technology use in the classroom (or lack thereof).  This is one area I hope Utah continues to fail in.  Technology has been touted as a fabulous tool for teaching math and other subjects, but it’s not.  Technology teaches technology; you still have to learn math separately if you want to know math too.



Whose Fault is Atlanta's "Brain Drain"? (Ken De Rosa)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution confusingly reports that Georgia’s Clayton school district’s change to Direct Instruction (DI) this year is to blame for its substantial loss of teachers. Yet a few paragraphs down we learn that the teacher loss has been ongoing for at least three years.



Why We Don't Have A Silicon Valley of Education (Michael Strong)

Despite a relatively unregulated private school sector in the U.S., opportunities for innovation in education are constrained by the dominance of the government school educational standard. The matrix of curriculum, textbooks, standardized testing, and teacher training and certification form a standard, analogous to a computer operating system standard, which is essentially designed to the specifications dictated by government-run schools. Just as a dominant operating system is preferred by most consumers because of the ease of transferring data within a known system and the greater availability of software for the dominant system, so too consumers will prefer an educational approach with a known interface to existing educational institutions. Entrepreneurial educators will find it more economical to start new schools that are consistent with the dominant system in order to take advantage of available curricula, textbooks, tests, and teacher training, experience, and certification.



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