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 Education50 – The Voter’s Guide to Parent Power

How Candidates for Governor and State Superintendent Stack Up on Education Innovation & Opportunity


Education is the pathway to the American Dream. Done right, it provides all with an equal opportunity to participate in the future. Because states are responsible for the most important laws governing education, your governor can make the difference as to whether the people in your state have access to great learning opportunities, at any age.


Governors are not the only officials who effect education in most states. State Superintendents or Commissioners oversee the rules set by state legislators and can be leaders – or simply guardians of the status quo. In the 13 states that elect their state education chiefs, it’s important to consider those whose approach will be bold, willing to take the tough action necessary to put children ahead of adult jobs in the implementation of policy.


The Center for Education Reform has helped craft that ideology to guide its work and we have used it to evaluate were your candidates stand on three critical issues:


The proliferation of expanded education opportunities – both public and private – that do not confine students to schools in their zip code and that address the needs of students at all levels and that harness the power of innovation to accelerate earning for all.


The expansion or development of teacher quality initiatives that strengthen the teacher work force, raise the bar on performance and ensure strong but fair evaluations that allow teachers to be paid well for doing good.


These concepts are the foundation for the Education50 Voter’s Guide to Parent Power– because Innovation plus Opportunity equals Results.




About The Center for Education Reform


Founded in 1993, the Center for Education Reform aims to expand educational opportunities that lead to improved economic outcomes for all Americans — particularly our youth — ensuring that the conditions are ripe for innovation, freedom and flexibility throughout U.S. education. 

As a non-partisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to great opportunities for all children, students and families, The Center for Education Reform does not endorse candidates or take political positions, but will always recognize and applaud those who advance sound education policies.



About Education50


Education Fifty is your #EDlection headquarters, dedicated to providing you, the voter, with the information that can best inform your vote, ensuring meaningful changes to our educational system are realized.