Policy Updates

New Hampshire
After consulting with the Attorney General's Office, the State Board of Education voted for an immediate moratorium on new charter schools, saying the state has a $5 million shortfall in state education aid to charter schools this fiscal year. Advocates for new charter schools urged the state Board of Education to reconsider its blanket denial of all new applications, but the board did not budge.
A “Yes” vote on Georgia’s Amendment One is a win for students! The Peach State’s ballot initiative on charter schools would allow local communities to create more of these important options by amending the state’s constitution to allow other state and local agencies in addition to local school boards to approve charter schools. Parents and advocates have filed suit against opponents of the ballot initiative, mainly the Georgia School Boards Association, for using millions of taxpayer money to fight this important effort that will benefit kids.
As the Wall Street Journal put it, Idaho’s ballot initiatives support, “some of the most far-reaching reforms in the country.” However, over $1.2 million in NEA funding to squash these measures is putting reforms that would pay teachers based on performance, phase out tenure, limit collective-bargaining and widely expand online learning opportunities for students at risk of losing come Election Day.
Charter schools are on the ballot once again in Washington State (one of 9 states that has yet to enact a charter school law) with widespread support from philanthropy, grassroots and pro-reform advocates from across the country. In this last stretch it is important for these advocates to stay the course, because while well-supported this time around, the unions and status quo in the Evergreen State have proven to be far more well-equipped to get out the vote against charters in the past.
The Indiana Department of Education released its A-F school grades for the 2011-2012 school year. The A-F school grading system was first implemented in Indiana last year. This year, the State introduced metrics that capture even more information about student learning.