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What Does the Next President Need To Know About Innovation?

What is Innovation?

Ed Innovation Programming from the ASU-GSV Summit 2016

WHAT?  Education technology experts, entrepreneurs, business leaders, policymakers, philanthropists and educators made their way to San Diego, California for the 7th annual ASU-GSV Summit, a sold-out event that brings together over 3,500 leaders from around the World to accelerate innovation and drive sustainable impact.

As part of the event, The Center for Education Reform (CER) launched its Innovation Advisory Council with a major program dedicated to ensuring that every education policy effort going forward creates the opportunity for innovation. Five discussions center on connecting the innovation and policy ecosystems. Recordings will be made available to the public soon.

WHY?  Resetting the landscape for structural change in education requires providing for maximum opportunities for kids, teachers and families – and the flexibility for innovations to be tested and applied. CER is leading the charge by bringing innovation into its core mission, connecting policymakers with entrepreneurs doing extraordinary things.

Passing The Captcha Test: Humanizing Private Ventures For Public Good
For-profit companies in education have a bad rep, but is it deserved? This panel will discuss the nature of entrepreneurship and for-profit companies in education and evaluate their impact on education innovation. How can those companies be a positive source for change?

  • George Saad, VP of US Operations, SABIS
  • Jonathan Hage, President & CEO, Charter Schools USA
  • Mary Gifford, Sr. VP, Education Policy & External Relations, K12
  • Chip Hurlburt, President & CEO, National Heritage Academies

The Innovation Games – How To Incentivize Innovation In Learning
The thrill of the challenge drives us all. Innovators in education are no different. We will explore how competitions in education can spark interest and lead to innovative learning. And we will evaluate the full impact of these competitions. Do they deliver?

  • Liza McFadden, CEO, Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy
  • Stuart Udell, CEO, K12
  • Jose Afonso, Director, US Business Development, SABIS
  • Jonathan Harber, CEO, Harber Advisors

Ground Control To Major Tom – Ed Innovation & Millennials
We’ve all heard that millennials hold the key to the future. Now if only we knew how to speak emoji. This panel will be a discussion on the role of millennials in securing the future of digital learning. Where is it going? What is its potential?

  • Meg Palisoc, CEO, Synergy Academies
  • Mark Greenberg, Chief Innovation Officer, Center for Education Reform
  • Anthony Pienta, Director, K-12 Ed Programs, Philanthropy Roundtable
  • Alison Pendergast, Chief Marketing Officer, Acrobatiq

Putting The ‘I’ In Ed Reform – A Reset Toward Innovation
As we look back on the past 25 years of education reform, how far have we strayed from our goals? Have we kept our focus? Leaders of education innovation and reform will discuss the progress we have made and where we are going.

  • Jonathan Hage, President & CEO, Charter Schools USA
  • Susan Wolford, Sector Head & Managing Director, BMO Capital Markets
  • Jeanne Allen, Founder & CEO, Center for Education Reform
  • Edward Fields, CEO & Chairman, HotChalk
  • Jim Goenner, President & CEO, National Charter Schools Institute

Election ’16 – Does Education Innovation Stand A Chance?
Experts in the policy and political arena debate the potential for innovation post November, and what we can do about it now.

  • Tom VanderArk, CEO, Getting Smart
  • Jeanne Allen, Founder & CEO, Center for Education Reform
  • Bill Hansen, President & CEO, USA Funds
  • Christina Culver, President, EdNexus Advisors
  • Richard Culatta, Chief Innovation Officer, State of Rhode Island