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Race to the Top

Introduction to Race to the Top

President Obama’s Race to the Top Fund puts states in competition for $4.35 billion toward education reform and innovation. CER applauds the effort but cautions that true reform will occur only when all federal dollars are tied to innovation.

The growth of charter schools, which focus on accountability and achievement, can be a core component of states’ Race to the Top efforts. But growing great charter schools is about more than just lifting states’ charter school caps. This Race to the Top is a marathon, not a sprint, where who can approve charters, how much they’re funded, and how independently they operate make all the difference in just how many children in a state can choose a good charter school education. CER’s Accountability Report 2009 examines in-depth the positive link between strong charter school laws, charter school accountability, and student achievement.

Check out CER’s 2011 Charter School Law Ranking and Scorecard for what makes an effective charter law, and contact CER for information and assistance in moving your state’s policy on charter law across the finish line in top form. 

For additional insights on the federal Race to Top program, check out edspresso, your daily addiction for education reform news and commentary.

Race to the Top Resources

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