Helping You Make Sense of Schooling Today.
When the Center launched Parent Power! Newsletters almost ten years ago, it was with the busy parent in mind who needed to know a lot in a short amount of time. Over the years we’ve provided counsel and advice to thousands of parents who don’t have time to become a policy expert but need a better way to assess the conventional wisdom and challenge their schools to succeed. You can never know too much, and to that end, this section is designed to take you to school. Know that some of this material is a little dated but its ideas are evergreen.
Things Every Parent Should Know
Is your school working? How do you know? Here’s a section for even the most astute parent. Learn what makes a school great, or what you can do to get it there.
Understanding the Standard
Standards are all the rage nationally, but what is the standard your school applies to grade students and pass students through? Find information here to help you find out.
What Should They Learn?
Not all content is created equal. A variety of good and bad curriculum programs exist. We help you scratch the surface to learn about the best, and understand why it matters.
The Other Issues
Hundreds of other issues play a role in whether your school is good, or how to make learning work best for your child. Here are just a few highlights from Parent Power, over the years.
All About School Choice
Do you have power? No; real power. Having choice is critical to whether you have power, or can get it. Learn more about what it is, and how it helps make all schools work better.
Resources You Need
Information is power and the more you know about education, the more likely your child is to be well-educated, for a lifetime. These resources get you started.