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For years, parents and teachers have fought hard to make their schools great. They have fixed programs, created new schools, and helped to pass laws, all to provide better learning opportunities for children. Armed with nothing more than knowledge and drive, parents have fought the status quo; and won.

This Back to School Season, we’re watching the inspiring 2012 film Won’t Back Down again, which is based on dozens of real life heroes and heroines who realized they could not wait to make education better for their children.

Whether you’re a parent or engaged citizen, you can do precisely what thousands of others do daily — get informed, get involved, and make a lasting difference in your community.  Here’s how:


1.  Get your school’s ranking! Is it graded? Does it have an A or an F? How can you find out?

    • Ask your principal. If he/she doesn’t know…
    • Access your state’s report card

school rank


2.  Get your state’s Parent Power ranking.

  • Ask yourself, if your assigned school is not working for you, do you have other options publicly available?
  • Can parents and teachers take over and hire new management?
  • Are charter schools an option?
  • How many choices do you have? What kind?
    (note: NONE is not an acceptable answer.)
    Start taking action now!

Your child deserves a great education, make sure he or she gets it!

3.  Read and Sign a New Opportunity Agenda.

Innovation + Opportunity = Results. In order to expand educational opportunities that lead to improved economic outcomes for all Americans, particularly our youth, we must focus on applying a new equation to education. We must ensure the conditions are ripe for innovation, freedom and flexibility in US education, so that every child has the chance to access a great education that meets their unique learning needs.

Click here to join the growing chorus of people who support a New Opportunity Agenda in education!

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4.  Get engaged in your child’s education.

You can effect change by getting informed, asking the right questions and staying on top of the environment that dictates how and what your child learns.

This resource will get you started.

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