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New National Report Card for Parents Released

New conditions reveal new Top Ten states for families

CER Press Release
Washington, D.C.
April 10, 2013

Indiana’s Parent Power Index (PPI) remains the best in the country, while a new ranking of top ten states emerges, according to the latest report card by The Center for Education Reform (CER). The nation’s “Top Ten” have policies or programs that afford parents the most opportunities to engage directly in the education of their children. The latest rankings on the Parent Power Index© are a result of changing conditions in states, including grades released for digital learning.

The Parent Power Index© shows that states where parents have options to choose tend to yield higher growth rates in student achievement, and states where systems and policies in place limit choice, parental engagement is hindered.

While many states have a new index, among the states that experienced significant shifts:

• Louisiana has moved up to third from sixth in the latest PPI as their state has adopted leading parent empowerment measures.

• Georgia moved up to seventh as it has increased its offering of online learning. And, in November 2012, parents in the state took their charter law to the ballot box so that it could survive a court’s adverse decision, and they won.

• Pennsylvania fell from its eighth seat in the top ten to twelfth, with lower than average digital learning scores and other states moving up.

CER President Jeanne Allen said the Center’s Index is much needed and an accurate reflection of the connection between both education reform policy and achievement: “Parents are a child’s first teacher. Policymakers and educators nationwide are clamoring for more parental involvement, knowing that involvement positively impacts student learning. But without real power, parent involvement is meaningless. In the top ten states, not only is Parent Power more highly valued, but it is resulting in higher learning gains.”

While there is a growing body of data and information available about how states compare to one another, the PPI is the first and only comprehensive evaluation of state education policy that is geared towards parents, continuously updated in real-time, and now, provides an arsenal of state and local resources.

The Index methodology is based on several Elements of Power using data and analysis provided by numerous, credible research organizations. The Index website also includes valuable information about states, including media reliability on education issues and the education reform postures and grades for governors.