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Newswire – November 26, 2019


WE GATHER TOGETHER As the great hymn says, to ask for God’s blessings and also to give thanks.  Listing all we are thankful for would fill books. So as to not keep you from your preparations for the feast, here are just a couple of tidbits for which WE GIVE THANKS…

FOR THE FREEDOM COALITION FOR CHARTER SCHOOLS who successfully WOKE the sleeping media. Today’s Gray Lady (aka The New York Times) has done the noble thing of covering this critical story about African-American and Latino parents and community leaders whose demands for real power over the education of their children have all but been ignored by the party they traditionally support.

FOR THE COURAGE OF SARAH CARPENTER(@LadyTenn), a vocal Memphis parent and leader of Memphis Lift and her members who forcefully got the attention of Senator Elizabeth Warren at the Atlanta debate. Chanting “we want to be heard,” the group which included CER favorite Dr. Howard Fuller eventually got an audience with Warren who was a supporter of charter schools…before she started running for President and did a “180” reversal. The Senator now essentially wants to “freeze” charters, though to her credit she promised the demonstrators  she would "re-read" her plan.  As Carpenter explained to a hostile (surprise!) media, “I’m not against [Warren] ― I’m against her education plan...We’re going to blow social media up because ... Black women vote, y’all.”  All we can add is “you go girl!”


FOR THE POSSIBILITY THAT THE BLAINE DISCRIMINATION LEGACY MAY BE ERASED. One of the most important education-related court cases in the past 50 years - Espinoza v Montana  - will be heard in the Supreme Court on January 22nd. Besides being important symbolically by erasing an ugly anti-Catholic bigotry, a win for Espinoza in the case would provide true choice to hundreds of thousands of American kids. Our website gives a full rundown on the case and its importance.

FOR OUR VETERANS and active military, who have secured America’s freedoms through 243 years. The powerful story of these men and women was the subject of this edition of Reality Check w/Jeanne Allen. Jim Roberts, President of the American Veterans' Center, (@AVCupdate) discusses why we must never forget.  Kudos as well to California Community Colleges which are leading the way to remedy the problem that many colleges don’t credit vets for their skilled training. Also in the good news department is the introduction  of the Education Savings Accounts for Military Families Act, legislation pending in the U.S. Senate that would provide more meaningful education choices to the kids of military families. Our thanks - and kudos to Senators Ben Sasse, Tom Cotton and Tim Scott for introducing this common sense bill.

FOR INFORMATION THAT IS POWER. We are thankful that independent organizations like The Nation's Report Card provide objective data about our students’ progress, and didn’t sugar coat its recent findings on the abysmal state of grade-level proficiency among America’s students and for The ACT which reveals the sad truth that “college readiness continues to decline.” We’re not thankful that English and math results are the lowest they’ve been in 15 years but information is power and we can only act when we know the problem.

WE ARE BEYOND THANKFUL for the wonderful, dedicated supporters and friends who helped us make it through our first 26 years.  Much has been accomplished, but much remains to be done.


And please designate The Center for Education Reform as your charity when shopping through  AmazonSmile.


LASTLY, WE ARE THANKFUL FOR AMERICA. We are unapologetic believers in American exceptionalism. CER’s mission is to help all of our country’s students become exceptional themselves.  Ponder George Washington’s prayer at Valley Forge as you gather together with friends and family. And from all of us at CER, our very best wishes for a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving.


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