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September 11, 2019
NEWS ALERTTO: PEOPLE WHO CHERISH DC's KIDS FROM: CERIncreased Assault on DC ChartersWhen forums are framed in deliberately misleading language, we know the intent isn't public information but harmful actions. That's why I'm writing to you right now, to bring to your attention that in the District, anti-charter forces are organizing community forums, clad in […] Read more »
November 25, 2015
There are significant changes being considered in Michigan that could challenge a parent’s right to choose a school and take millions of dollars away from students across the state. We know that parents, not bureaucrats, are the best people to make decisions for their children. LANSING NEEDS TO HEAR FROM CHARTER SCHOOL SUPPORTERS NOW! Tell […] Read more »
October 13, 2014
Many say that a Sweet Sixteen or 18th birthday are by far the biggest and most important years to gauge one’s coming of age. However, it is pretty much a matter of fact that the 21st is the biggest of all, especially as it solidifies the final transition into adulthood. For CER, that day is today! Read more »
May 7, 2014
California is in danger of compromising charter school independence with AB 1531, a union-sponsored bill that would essentially give local school boards control over charter schools, stripping their autonomy, which is a hallmark of their success. This is nothing more than an attempt by the California Teachers Association (CTA) to gain control over public charter […] Read more »
April 22, 2014
CER Action Alert Washington, D.C. April 22, 2014 Pennsylvania legislators are in danger of compromising special needs charter school students with legislation that has made it through House and Senate subcommittees dealing with a new funding model. HB 2138 and SB 1316 are identical pieces of legislation that will cause major inequities for special education […] Read more »
March 19, 2014
Legislators are compromising future support of charter schools in Arizona by stalling the re-nomination of Greg Miller, the charter school representative on the State Board, who has been a tireless advocate and voice for charter schools at the state level. Read more »
March 21, 2013
Did you know there are more than 100,000 children on waiting lists to get into charter schools in Texas? Texas public schools are allowed to receive failing grades for up to 6 consecutive years before the bureaucratic intervention process takes serious steps to get that school on the right track. Currently, there are more than […] Read more »
January 18, 2013
Share this link with other parents to let them know about Parent Power! You can also download and print a copy of this cartoon to pass out and share with other parents in person. Read more »
November 13, 2012
Charter Schools are under attack by LAUSD once again. Students, parents and charter schools NEED YOUR HELP tomorrow, Tuesday November 13!!! When: Tuesday, November 13 at 11 A.M. Where:  Los Angeles Unified School District office 333 South Beaudry Avenue, Los Angeles. Why:  LAUSD Board members will be voting on a resolution that could freeze charter […] Read more »
November 2, 2012
The fate of many current and future charter school opportunities are at stake in Georgia come Tuesday’s election. Your local leaders have been working hard to engage voters to ensure that charter schools continue to thrive after Election Day. But there’s still so much more to do and YOU hold the key to igniting literally millions of “YES” votes for your schools, your students, your movement and your state. HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO IN FIVE MINUTES TO REACH 5,000 PEOPLE: Read more »