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School Choice

All About School Choice -- Quick Facts - Visit our SCHOOL CHOICE FAQ page for more!

Currently, there are...

•  28 voucher programs serving approx. 230,000 students in 16 states and Washington D.C.

•  24 tax credit scholarship programs serving approx. 300,000 students in 19 states

•  6 education saving accounts serving approx. 22,000 students in 5 states 

•  9 Individual Tax Credit/ Dedication programs in 8 states, with over 780,000 participating taxpayers

•  Since 2016, six programs in five states have been enacted. Nationwide student participation has increased more than 81,000 students over the past few years.

1. Florida launched two programs; the Hope Scholarship Program in 2018, and the Family Empowerment Voucher program in 2019, which further expanded in 2020. The Family Empowerment program is providing 18,000 students life-changing education opportunities.

2. Illinois launched the Invest In Kids Scholarship- Tax Credit Scholarship in 2018.

3. North Carolina launched the Personal Education Savings Account program in 2018. In 2020, there are 282 students participating. 

4. Tennessee launched the Education Savings Account Program was passed in 2019 and set to launch in 2021. 

5. Utah enacted the Special Needs Opportunity Scholarship Program in 2020 and set to launch in 2021. 


Student participation in private school choice programs have increased in twenty-one states over the past few years: AZ, AL, AR, FL,IN, OH, PA , GA, LA, OK, ME, MD, NV, SC, MS, MT, NH, SD, TN, VA, WI


•  Arkansas: A small voucher program enacted in 2015 nevertheless grew in two years from 178 in 2018, to 427 students this year, increasing by 140%

•  Florida: The Family Empowerment program expanded in 2020 and is providing 18,000 students life-changing education opportunities. 

•  Georgia: an effort to expand the Special Needs Scholarship Program Voucher program is underway.

•  Idaho: Since the Idaho Advanced Opportunities program launched in 2016, the number of students taking dual credit classes has quadrupled. This year, Idaho expanded the Idaho Advanced Opportunities program to include workforce development and appreciation programs.

•  Pennsylvania: In just two years, there has been more than a 20% increase in participation in both the Educational Improvement and Opportunity Scholarship tax credit programs.

•  South Dakota: South Dakota Tax Credit Program increase since 2018 from 481 to 720 students.

•  Virginia: Since 2016, the tax credit scholarship program has seen student participation more than double in size from 2,419 to 4,710 students.

•  Wisconsin: statewide voucher program increased by 2500 students, more than 30% since in the past couple years. The special needs voucher program has small numbers, but a quadruple increase from 2018! (252 participants to 1,058).


Charter Schools

Charter Schools Quick Facts - Visit our CHARTER SCHOOL FAQ page for more!

•  Forty-five states and the District of Columbia have enacted charter school laws. (The five states that do not have charter school laws: Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Vermont.)

•  In fall 2016, there were 3 million students enrolled in 7,000 charter schools in the United States. As of 2021, there are more than 7,300 charter schools educating more than 3.3 million students.

•  In the past four years, charter school student enrollment has increased by 11%, or 322,816 students.

•  Since 2018, the number of charters schools has increased in 24 states across the nation; charter school student enrollment numbers increased in 33 states. 


•  Two new laws: Kentucky (2017), West Virginia (2019) 

•  Arkansas passed legislation in 2019 that makes it possible for more than one adult education charter to operate in the state.

•  Colorado: Bipartisan effort in 2019 retained funding for charters. In 2017, legislation passed that provides a portion of local taxes to help fund charters. That was at risk in 2019, but the change was ultimately defeated, preserving approximately $10.5 million in funding.


•  Colorado: steady growth in the state with a 5% increase in the number of students attending charters in the last year.

•  Florida: Enrollment has increased more than 38,000 students and 26 schools since 2018.

•  Indiana: Enrollment in charters is up 20% since 2018.

•  Louisiana: 11 new charter schools have opened in the past two years.

•  Michigan: The number of charter schools increased from 300 to 377 in the past two years.

•  Minnesota: School expansions have resulted in an increase of nearly 10,000 students since 2018.

•  Nevada: the number of charter schools have doubled  since 2018 , and charter students now make up 11% of the population.

•  Oklahoma: In the past two years the number of students in charters increased more than 23,000; Virtuals have had huge growth, especially since Covid.

•  Rhode Island: Charter enrollment increased 30% over the last 2 years among the 35 charter cap the state has reached.

•  South Carolina: Enrollment is up 20% since 2018.

•  Washington: Showing steady growth, with 3,000 students enrolled; up from 1,300 in 2018 (130% increase.) Five additional schools opened fall 2020. 

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