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Newswire – July 21, 2020

Let The Kids Learn…Powerful Black Voices…Size Doesn’t Always Matter.

REOPENING. What’s it look like, how should it happen, and why the choice between going to physical school and going remote are not the only options that should be on the table? Much to be said. Read everything, think and demand options. We will have much more to say about this later this week. Meanwhile, here’s a thought from Reason’s Corey DeAngelis:  “Don’t force schools to reopen but don’t force families to pay for closed schools.”

BLACK MINDS MATTER. A hyper-powerful first person account of the need for school choice in minority communities is made by Denisha Merriweather of the American Federation of Children. A small taste: “Those committed to protecting black lives cannot simultaneously refuse to nurture black minds. Our essence and our being deserve life. Our black minds matter.”

SO DO BLACK VOICES.  The most recent CER ACTION event, titled  The Existential Union Threat to Charter Schools, featured unbridled honesty about unions, their intentions and their political allies. Hear from our stellar guests Mr. David Hardy (Boys Latin of Philadelphia) and Dr. Steve Perry (Capital Preparatory Magnet School) as they showed us why racial equity depends on money following kids.

GIVE BAD COPS AND BAD TEACHERS THEIR PINK SLIPS. One bad apple — whether the barrel it’s in is labelled “law enforcement” or “teachers” —  as the old adage warns, can spoil the entire group. That’s why they both need to be weeded out. But it’s a lot harder to fire a bad teacher than a bad cop, thanks to people like AFT President Randi Weingarten, who continue to put union power above student rights.

BIGGER DOESN’T MEAN BETTER. The COVID virus hit parents hard in two vital areas — school and child care — especially difficult for working parents. The crisis has spawned many bright innovations, one of the newest being the concept of “Micro-Schools”. These are  home-based learning centers for younger children that house four to twelve at a time, in a garage or spare room. Learn all about it in this fascinating report from “Good Morning America”.

SAVE CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. The Archdiocese of New York is closing another 20; That makes nearly 90 schools over the past decade. Since COVID, more than 100 private schools have permanently closed around the country. The New York Daily News explains two easy steps to keep the rest of the schools open:  make sure they get their fair share of CARES Act dollars and give state support to parents who choose private education for their kids. Both of these topics and more are explored in  “Saving Catholic Schools,” now on video, with Thomas Carroll, Superintendent of Schools for the Boston Archdiocese and Paul Escala, Superintendent for the L.A. Archdiocese.

We  hope you and yours are successfully navigating the dog days of summer.  As a grace note to our items above about black minds and voices, here is the amazing Marian Anderson singing at the Lincoln Memorial. Turn up your speakers and prepare for goose bumps. Our country could use more singing and less shouting. 


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