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Millions of families and educators have been thrust into digital learning, and policymakers nationwide are racing to catch up with a tidal wave of ideas, programs and services. As educators are challenged to teach remotely (or told not to teach at all) and parents are challenged to manage their students’ work, many are asking, “How do we do this, and do it well?” 

Ed Tech entrepreneurs from across the globe will lead the way in answering that very question during a virtual mini-fest on April 2.

Rather than let the public just discover them, we will bring — right to your computer screen! —  a sampling of those who can address everything from early to higher ed and in between. These innovators cover Early Ed to the Workforce, with AI, VR and more. And the best part is, the virtual mini-fest technology will allow you to interact with them just like you were in the same room. Learn from these and other fabulous innovators:

Anne Brown
VP, Waterford Institute
Research on At-Home, Early Learning 

Sam Caucci
Founder & CEO, 1Huddle
Upskilling & Reskilling in an Age of Uncertainty

Jamey Heit
Co-Founder & CEO, Ecree
Interactive, Adaptive Writing Instruction

Janine Caffrey
CEO, Lexplore
Innovative Reading Assessments for Students

Ulrik Christensen
CEO, Area9 Lyceum
Brain Science, Adaptive Learning & the Stress of Today

Ash Kaluarachchi
Managing Director, StartEd
Ed Tech Ecosystem,

Lucilla Crosta
Co-Founder & CEO, Edulai,
Online Doctoral Lecture

Jeff Kwitowski
SVP, Public Affairs & Policy Communications, K12 Inc.
The Resiliency of Online Schools

Michael Moe
Founder, GSV
How Innovation Grows and Changes Society

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