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Conferences & Meetings

“Winning the International Education Arms Race”: Excellence in Action Conference (2009)

October 8-9, 2009. The Foundation for Excellence in Education’s 2009 conference focused on America’s global competitiveness and the need to transform the U.S. education system into one that has high standards, is accountable, and maximizes the human capital that exists in every child.


Arizona Trip Report (2003)

August 4-8, 2003. Notes from meetings CER staff attended while in Arizona.


Baltimore, Maryland City Council Meeting: Why Limit Our Children? (2004)

June 28, 2004. Community groups are seeking to create charter schools. The school board’s policy is to “go slow”. The City Council is asking Why.

Battling in the Trenches (2007)

June 7, 2007. The Alliance for School Choice Annual Strategy Retreat in Jersey City/Newark, New Jersey. The Battling in the Trenches theme is reflective of the work that has taken place over the past two years that has led to significant growth in the number and scope of state school choice programs.

Buckeye Institute Luncheon: Agenda (1995)

CER President Jeanne Allen is featured at one of the Issues and Ideas Luncheons hosted by the Buckeye Institute to discuss charter schools.

Buckeye Institution Luncheon: Charter Schools Presentation (1995)

The concept of charter schools is not new, and like many efforts to help improve the lot of all schools for all children, there are many variations to this theme, says CER President Jeanne Allen while giving a presentation in Ohio.


Charter School Developers Conference (1997)

Held at Teachers College, Columbia University from January 16-18, 1997. Explores two different sets of major underlying approaches to the development of charter schools — “Free The Teacher”, and “Build The Community”.

Charter School Forum for the D.C. Metro Area

CER presents Yvonne Chan, Principal of Vaughn Next Century Learning Center in San Fernando, California, to help Washington, D.C. residents understand what charter schools are, why charter schools are needed, and how one can open a charter school.

Confronting Challenges, Creating Opportunities (2008)

July 10, 2008. The Alliance for School Choice Annual Strategy Retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Reform constituents gather to evaluate current efforts, plan for battles ahead, and encourage one another to remain vigilant in the mission to help kids trapped in failing schools.

Connecticut Conference Call

May 2, 2007. A telephone meeting discussing what a lawsuit in Connecticut could accomplish with respect to equitable charter school funding. Effort is part of the Fiscal Equity Campaign.


DC Charter School Association Meeting (2003)

March 13, 2003. Washington, D.C. charter schools convene to discuss the creation of a charter schools association. The goal of the group is to work collaboratively to build a platform which will assist DC Charter Schools to serve the children.


Education Leaders Council Conference (1997)

September 4, 1997.  Meet other activists, create a dialog for change, share ideas, and find common ground to work together at the ELC Conference “Education Reform: A National Roundup” in Dallas, Texas on September 19-20.


Fifteen Years and Still A Nation At Risk (1998)

April 10, 1998.   A letter from Jeanne Allen, CER President, on a closed meeting prompted by continuing evidence that American students still suffer from poor academic performance.


Governor George W Bush To Address Education Reformers (1997)

September 17, 1997. The Honorable George W. Bush, Governor of Texas, will address a group of over 200 education reformers from around the country at the second annual Education Leaders Council [ELC] conference in Dallas, Texas on September 19, 1997.


La Raza Speech (1990)

CER President Jeanne Allen gives a speech at the National Council of La Raza’s Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. on July 16, 1990.

Leaders Forum: Triumphs in Education Reform from the Rainbow (1999)

July 13, 1999. CER invites people to attend a forum about recent developments in the education reform landscape. The event features seven dynamic, thoughtful, active, and diverse individuals from four states.


New Jersey Fact Finding Visit (2009)

A team from New Jersey visits Washington D.C. to meet with charter school leaders, tour schools, and learn about charter school authorizing.


Omar Wasow to Lead Discussion on Technology and Literacy at CER’s 10th Anniversary Conference (2003)

October 28, 2003. Omar Wasow, President of BlackPlanet.com at Community Connect Inc. and a technology analyst for WNBC and NPR, will lead the discussion “From the Digital Divide to Literacy Divide” at CER’s 10th Anniversary Conference “The Best Is Yet to Come… A Look at the NExt Ten Years of Education Reform in America.”


Parent Power: Baltimore Meeting (2004)

August 19, 2004. CER hosts “Parent Power! for Baltimore”, a special dinner and meeting for Baltimore, Maryland parents on how to protect their children and get great schools in their community.

Philadelphia 50,000 Kick-off Meeting (2008)

April 10, 2008. Charter school advocates and leaders meet to discuss goals, purpose, and next steps for efforts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

President’s Club Meeting Speech (1991)

A transcript of remarks made by CER President Jeanne Allen at a meeting held on May 8, 1991. Topics include Polly Williams, the Brookings Institute, and getting business leaders involved in education reform.


Results of Charter School Leadership Council Meeting (2003)

May 7, 2003.  Topics discussed include Maryland charter school bill, research in light of the PACE study, strategic plans, and the National Charter School Conference.


South Carolina Charter School Network Meeting (2007)

August 29, 2007.  The purpose of this meeting is to consider the needs of current and future leaders of charter schools in an effort to create a networking organization.


The State of Charter Schools (2002)

February 21, 2002.  Education Secretary Rod Paige and charter school leaders discuss challenges and solutions to key issues facing charter schools nationwide at a briefing on charter schools hosted by CER at the request of officials at the U.S. Department of Education.


West Coast Symposium on Education Reform 1995

An invite letter template for the First Annual West Coast Symposium on Education Reform, CRISIS AND HOPE: The Good, the Bad, and the Inspirational in the Education Reform Movement.