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HistoryCS201 Resources

Understanding Constitutions & Charter Schools (2007)

July 2007 report explores constitutional challenges to public charter schools, highlighting how these arguments have been repeatedly rejected by state Supreme Courts around the country, which have continually affirmed that charter schools are constitutional, are public schools, and that state legislatures have the right to enact laws that create different forms of public education.

Creating Strong Authorizers for Public Charter Schools: The Case Against Making Independent Bodies LEAs (2006)

Key to the development of strong charter laws is the notion of “multiple authorizers” to approve charters. Typically this means that a state sanctions an entity other than the local school board to create and monitor charter schools. As states work to create legislation, the idea of designating independent authorizers as a Local Education Agency […]

Florida Press Release: Independent authorizer approves 17 new charter schools

February 20, 2008. The Florida Schools of Excellence Commission (FSE) made its first formal approvals of new charter schools last week, demonstrating rigor in the process and joining 16 other states that permit entities other than school boards to approve charters.

Strong Charter School Laws Produce Better Results (2006)

Strong Charter School Laws Produce Better Results_Special Report11.20.06Special Report produced after nine years of analyzing and scoring charter school laws points out a clear pattern that has emerged: the strength of a law is more often than not a predictor of charter success.

CER – Multiple Authorizers Primer

Download or print your PDF copy of Multiple Authorizers Primer