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National Commissions & Reports

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A Nation At Risk 1983

A seminal education reform report from President Ronald Reagan’s National Commission on Excellence in Education warning of the deteriorating state of American education.

A Nation Still At Risk 1998

A decade and a half after A Nation At Risk, prominent education leaders, business leaders, and policymakers meet to discuss the state of American education.

A Nation Still At Risk 1998 – Findings chart

Side-by-side comparison of A Nation At Risk findings in 1983 and the state of American education in 1998.

America’s Attitude Towards Charter Schools (2008)

CER commissioned a poll to find out what drives the public’s perceptions, understandings, and motivations for decision-making.


Charter Schools Today: A Record of Success (2003)

Both opponents and proponents of schools of choice agree that charter schools
must be held accountable, and as the following research shows, charter schools are being
measured and are measuring up.

Charter Schools Today: Statistics, Stories, and Insights (2004)

A compilation of CER’s National Charter School Data, Annual Survey America’s Charter Schools, Achievement Against All Odds, and Charter School Closure Data.


Guide to Charter Activity (1996)

This guide tries to provide the names and phone numbers of the key people involved in the charter school movement, and some sense of the program and the politics in each state. This paper is distributed by the Center for Education Reform, at the request of Ted Kolderie with the Center for Policy Studies. 


National Charter Schools Directory: New Schools Supplement (2005)

This new resource is provided as a supplement to CER’s National Charter School Directory due to the spectacular growth of the charter school movement. Because of demand for charter school information, we closed the publication with data as of April 2005.

National Panel Launches Review Process For Private School Accrediting Groups (1994)

May 18, 1994. The council, which state officials and others have praised, seems to fill a need, explains an Education Week article.


Politics, Markets And America’s Schools: A Summary (1990)

A major study by John E. Chubb and Terry E. Moe published by the Brookings Institution, finds that the organizational structure of the public school system is a major roadblock to improving American education. Jeanne Allen provides an overview of the study’s recommendations and findings here.

President’s Plan- Addressing What Really Ails America (1997)

The President’s 10 point plan for education may appear to be a much-needed, courageous plan, but CER President Jeanne Allen points out how it falls short of addressing what’s really plaguing U.S. education.

Private School Governance Information

A U.S. Department of Education compilation of private school governance data compiled by ECS and the Florida DOE.


Roundup of the Fourth Annual National Charter Schools Week (2003)

A review of National Charter Schools Week, held April 20-May 3, detailing CER activities and events from around the country.


School Choice In The United States (1993)

A state by state analysis of the latest education choice issues, such as charter schools, magnet schools, vouchers, private scholarship programs, public school choice, controlled choice, inter-district choice, open enrollment, site-based management, tax credits, and more.

School Reform In The United States (1994)

A state-by-state overview of the latest education reform issues. For the purposes of this analysis and to be consistent with popular sentiment, reform refers generally to four broad categories: school choice, contracting-out services to private entities, deregulation or decentralization (e.g.. charter schools), and accountability through strong academic assessment mechanisms.


The Charter Idea: Update and Prospects (1996)

Four years on, “the charter movement” is beginning to show some real potential for scaling-up school improvement into a strategy for systemic change. This memo is an effort to describe the status of the charter idea as of fall 1995. This paper is distributed by the Center for Education Reform, at the request of Ted […]

The Nation’s Report Card 2007: An Education Reformer’s Guide

September 2007. The Nation’s Report Card tells us where we are relative to where we should be- and nationally, our children are still woefully behind. State-level assessments offer insight on how certain reforms ensure greater accountability for all schools, expand learning opportunities outside conventional education, and more.

Themes & Discussion Points from A Nation at Risk Summit (1998)

April 3, 1998. In 1983, A Nation at Risk awoke the nation, but its vision remains clouded and it’s not clear about what action to take. The summit plans to whip together a stiff education espresso in the form of a manifesto. Themes and discussion points follow.

Trouble Ahead for Private Schools? (1994)

Charles O’Malley, an outspoken advocate on private school issues and public policy, shares his concerns regarding what’s going on in Washington and how it may affect your school.