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Benefits of Minnesota Charter Schools (1997)

Testimony to The Honorable Arlen Specter, Members of the Committee, Staff and Guests, deals with the concerns prior to the implementation of legislation and the reality as we have experienced it at City Academy and in Minnesota and the possible role of the federal government.


Congressional Hearing on DC Opportunity Scholarship Program 2009

United States Senate Committee On Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs


DC Opportunity Scholarship Program 2009

Committee on Oversight and Government Reform


Improving Education Opportunities in the District of Columbia

April 17, 1997. Jeanne Allen, President of The Center for Education Reform, testifies before the Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, Restructuring, and the District of Columbia.


Jeanne Allen To Testify Before U.S. Senate (1997)

September 4, 1997.  “Progress Report on Reforms in the District of Columbia” is one in a series of hearings on the status of the public schools in the District of Columbia. Jeanne will waste no time in assessing the present state of DC’s public schools, and the need for true reform, stressing that charter schools […]