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Don’t forget to vote!
One vote – your vote – can make a difference, no matter how small or local the election. Education 50 can help you navigate where candidates stand on education reform.
Log into CER’s Website regularly!
Sign up for and read CER’s weekly Newswire to make sure you understand what’s happening and how you can help make a difference.
Engage Friends
Make a point to tell 5 people about education reform issues whether on the playground, at a cocktail party or in line at the grocery store. A quick conversation can encourage more people to engage in the fight for better schools.
Get connected
Find out if there are any reform-minded groups in your city or state. Consider joining their mailing list to stay informed.
Engage the media
Take a few minutes to read your local newspaper each day about emerging issues in education. Consider writing an opinion piece or a letter to the editor. Maybe post your reaction on the Media Bullpen and tweet about it to your network.
Contact your elected officials
There are legislators in your state and every one of them has a tremendous amount of power to affect what happens to your school and to schools in your community. You need to know who they are, that they are people just like you, and that they work for YOU! It is important that you reach out to your lawmakers frequently to show your support for education reform. Write them a letter, email, fax or call both their local office and their office in the state capital.
Meet your elected officials
Now that you’re more informed, offer to help local reformers to meet with elected officials. Even the best ones are too busy to really understand even the basics of school reform.
Get informed
Information is power, taking a little time out of your day to do a little research, can help impact reform in a major way.
  • How are your local schools measuring up?
  • Find out what school choices may be available to you and your children.
  • What laws exist in your state that either help or hinder education reform?
  • How are schools in your area funded?
  • Find out who is in control at the school, city and state level?
Join an effort to educate more people in your community by staffing an information table or helping make calls to additional parents like you to encourage them to make their own outreach calls.
Go to school
Become involved in your child’s school, or, find a school that needs your energy and talent. Are you great at communication? Expert at the law? Finance? How about a good collaborator? Many of the school efforts reform has made possible can use your talent.
Start a blog
Help make information more accessible to people in your area by blogging about education issues…
Host your own event
Invite friends and family members over for coffee and a discussion about current education issues in your area. Watch one of the many movies that tell the real stories of what’s going on in reform.
Research the options
It’s easy to do and you can have an impact on thousands. Start here - Grassroots Toolkit.
Join the board
Join the board of a start up charter or private school that needs your ideas, energy and/or expertise.
Start a school
Read this starter kit.