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Homeschooling mothers pitch in to help their sisters

Commentary by: Carolyn Manion, Special Assistant for External Affairs of CER

As parents and families adjust to the new normal, twitter has erupted into a font of witty memes from parents who feel at their wits end. 

While the media has often hyped a conflict between stay-at-home mothers who homeschool and working mothers who send their kids to traditional schools, the caricatures are proving shallow in light of the recent nationwide school cancellation. Homeschooling mothers are pitching in to help parents who are struggling to steer their families safely through the COVID-19 crisis while their kids experience an unbelievable routine upheaval, and those parents working from home while handling kids are gratefully joining the conversation. 

On a smaller localized scale, homeschooling mothers with online presence for their small businesses or lively instagram blogs are hosting livestream meetings to share tips, or taking the opportunity to offer free resources from their repertoire of homeschooling materials. 

On a larger scale, several homeschooling mothers are sharing their tips and encouragement in media outlets. Washingtonian covers on DMV-local mother’s advice, while a New York Magazine writer interviewed her own homeschooling mom, who had some dry humor as well as helpful insights. This incredibly helpful guide from a homeschooling mother at Vox with a sample daily schedule [breaks included!] will set many a worrying mother’s heart at rest–whatever solution you find, you don’t have to feel guilty. Finally, The Today Show aggregated loads and loads of resources in this interview with Heather Bowen, a homeschooling mom who runs her own website there is no one-size-fits-all homeschooling solution–which also goes for traditional schooling–hopefully these moms and their advice will assist parents struggling to adapt to their new roles as home educators!

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, the outpouring of resources and new opportunities for learning shows that mothers who are old pros at educating in the home are willing to do the utmost to support other stressed parents and help the world keep going round, even when they are facing challenges of their own at home. Though the uncertainty of the moment is certainly one which will deserves one’s full attention, some are even speculating that some unexpected homeschooling success stories will come from these trying times. 

And if your schedule still looks like this one, just hop on twitter or instagram and you will find a host of supporters. Homeschooling parents, new and veteran, you’ve got this! 

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