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Welcome to Edspresso

The experts say that beyond the obvious, stress is caused by a lack of predictability and the unknown. The more you can create predictability the better off your kids are. But what about adults, too? Kids? There’s no question that it’s hard to stay focussed when there’s not a rhythm or a plan. For all of us!

To help build predictably around learning, starting today CER is putting its team, time and resources at your disposal to help you navigate and turn that unpredictability on its head.

Ed-Spresso was once the blog that offered “Your daily addiction for breaking news, commentary and debate on real education reform.”

Today, in support of our communities of parents, learners, educators and anyone who wants to make learning continuous during this pandemic, CER is retooling Edspresso, its education blog site, for you to be a place to share and learn about all that is going on and possible outlets to help in the learning happening in your home.

And the more we can all do our part to feel and be energized at home, the better we’ll all be. The great news is there’s never before been such an incredible outpouring of generosity and support for taking on the very new and different task of educating nearly all U.S. students at home. Parents, teachers and administrators are front and center in our minds.  But the sheer volume of available innovative, remote and virtual learning tools is extraordinary.  If you’re on Twitter or Facebook you’ve seen it. Many however don’t have the time or expertise to navigate the sea of options.  So we’ll do our best to help to curate and identify all that is available in one place, so others don’t have to.

Take, for example, the latest of blogs by education expert Mike Petrilli whose well-written, well-curated Resources for Learning from Home might just be all you need to get through this day, week or month.

Are you or do you know an educator who is having to go online for the first time to teach? Read this piece from EdSurge

Did you know? Scholastic is offering five free days of great education resources to start, with another 15 coming.  Beautifully done and easy to navigate whether you’re a parent, student or administrator, you won’t want to miss this.

In the coming hours, days, weeks and more if necessary, CER will be at your disposal – working remotely with the help of Zoom, Slack and Asana – to help guide the students you care about and make your lives more predictable and enjoyable.

Please consider contributing a blog or ideas if you have them. We’ll happily post useful and positive ideas, blog and lessons you’ve learned, or reprint things you thought were particularly useful.

Follow us on twitter, FB and instagram, and email to tell us your stories/solutions. Whatever we get from you on social media — or directly via an email — will be shared, utilized in tele-townhalls, conferences and provided to the media. So please keep us informed by sending us what you know — so we can keep everyone informed.